Logistics doors and equipment to respect the cold chainLogistics doors and equipment to respect the cold chainLogistics doors and equipment to respect the cold chain

Logistics doors and equipment to respect the cold chain

In food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries respect the intact cold chain during the production, transportation, storage and sale of the merchandise is a key factor. Within this supply chain, the industrial doors and logistics equipment of Angel Mir - Portes Bisbal SL can contribute to maintaining a controlled temperature in laboratories, warehouses, distribution and logistics.

In addition to helping meet the important safety and quality requirements that are needed, installing the most appropriate door or loading dock supposes a better efficiency of the cold rooms and, consequently, a significant energy saving, as well as a decrease of the risk of accidents at work due to slips or skidding of trucks due to possible formation of ice and frost.

These are the fast canvas doors ideal for cooling or freezing chambers
Instant Pass ISO is the fast stackable door designed for negative temperature chambers that have a continuous use. Made with double insulated canvas, stainless steel frame and special brushes on the uprights to improve watertightness. Optionally it allows to put heaters in elements like engine, table or guides to improve the resistance to the low temperatures.

Instant Roll ECO is the roll-up fast door model for positive temperature refrigeration chambers. The insulated foam canvas and side seals maintain the temperature and sealing of the room. Door structure available in galvanized or stainless steel. The control panel and the engine are prepared for humid environments.

Instant Roll ISO C3 is the rapid roll-up door that allows to isolate with a single door the refrigerating chambers of negative temperature. The door is composed of three tarpaulins and a system of magnets in the guides that avoid the losses of temperature. The structure can be in aluminum or stainless steel, and incorporates an air curtain with dehumidifying system to avoid frost.

How to ensure a complete thermal seal on the refrigerated loading dock?
We provide a special and unique system to obtain an isolated and isothermal loading and unloading spring that does not alter the cold chain in the chemical, food or pharmaceutical logistics platform. This is the Isoperfect System consisting of a telescopic leveling ramp, a sectional Sandwich door or roller Mirtherm door, and an inflatable loading dock coat with a sealing pad for the bottom. The operation of the entire assembly makes it possible to open the doors of the truck inside the dock, providing maximum sealing that allows a constant temperature to be maintained during loading and unloading of goods, and to prevent the entry of external contaminations such as dust, smoke, insects, etc. 

Likewise, we have developed a more economical version that requires less civil work, thanks to the fact that the leveling ramp is replaced by a KA-Hydra gangway.

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