Capp-Plast attended FuturPera, the world pear fairCapp-Plast attended FuturPera, the world pear fair

Capp-Plast attended FuturPera, the world pear fair

Ferrara from 16th until 18th November 2017

CAPP-PLAST has took a leading role during FuturPera 2017, the first international trade fair dedicated to the promotion of the pear supply chain, from sustainable growing techniques to the storage of the product and from marketing to retail. The event took place in Ferrara from 16th until 18th November.

During its first appearance, Capp-Plast was showing its range of agriboxes, which includes square and normal version, high volume capacity and its foldable box called smartbox.

About Capp-Plast
Due to first-in-class resistance bins, accurate design and user friendly characteristics, Capp Plast supplies its products to both agriculture and industial end use sectors, suitable for transportion and wharehousing of finished or semi-finished goods and spare parts.

Available in a wide range of dimensions, with solid or vented versions, or equipped with collapsible sidewalls for optimising logistic and storage operations, Capp Plast offers over 100 different modes of HDPE large containers as well as a wide range of resistant, durable, hygienic and unalterable by chemical and atmospheric agents pallets.

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