Citrus Solutions

Citrus Solutions

COMPAC works with the world’s high performance citrus packers to deliver them outstanding performance in terms of fruit weight grading, colour sorting, internal quality and blemish detection. Our end-to-end citrus solution ensures our customers experience gentler handling, greater throughput, lower labor requirements and improved, consistent citrus quality, resulting in a greater return from their packed crop.

Backed up by packing performance metrics from their system and compliance with traceability requirements. We have over 25 years experience designing and building complete turnkey citrus packhouse technology solutions; from infeed through to our world class after sales support.

Infeed is the first stage of the Complete Solution and is the method by which the citrus arrives on the sorter. Infeed is made up of bin or field box tipping and includes options such as, a Small Fruit Eliminator

Our bin tipping technology is fully automated and efficient and dumping bins of citruss gently into water flumes for transportation. Our systems cater for between 45-100 bins per hour.

Central to Compacs citrus technology is our unique sorting technology. Your production requirements and capacity determine whether single, dual or multi-lane sorting capabilities is right for your packhouse. All of our sorting solutions can be specified with Compac’s innovative, industry-leading InVision and Taste Tech NIR citrus grading systems to reduce labor requirements while maintaining the highest level of consistency and accuracy.

Precise electronic weighing combined with Compac’s Pack Optimisation software delivers unsurpassed accuracy for our customers meaning packing specifications are met, citrus giveaway is reduced and profits are maximised.

Consistently grading Citrus by color with the ability to define 16 different grades of colour.

The quality and consistency of surface blemish sorting, reduces labour & packing costs. Successfully sorting for surface damage, texture, blackspot and scaring.

Consistent size & shape sorting of citrus. Fruit images are analysed with multiple measurements to ensure accuracy.

Compac are pioneers in density sorting of citrus. Unique mathematical algorithms are utilised for highly accurate volume and weight measurement to calculate density for accurate frost damage grading.

Internal solution for detecting brix, acid, frost damage and granulation via Taste Tech NIR.

Compac has a range of citrus packing solutions to meet the different needs of our customers including pattern packing, bagging, volume and bin filling. Our packing solutions have been designed with citrus in mind, ensuring a particularly gentle transition and handling of fruit.

Automatic Box filling machines with weighing options are designed to volume fill boxes with a specific amount of citrus at the outlet of a sizer.

A full range of units designed to fill bins in a gentle and smooth motion without damaging the citrus. The Filler includes a sensor to control the citrus level. There are options for both manual & automatic filling of bins.

Our manual or semi-auto bagging systems use Compac’s unique optimizers to select the optimal combination of fruit across the sorter to ensure the most accurate bag weights are achieved, with the minimum possible giveaway. Compac sorters can also optimize fruit flow to bagging units from other vendors for high volume, continuous bagging applications.

High production units for packing boxes of citrus. The packer uses gentle handling to ensure the citrus is delicately packed without any damage.