• Small percentage for vegetable producers

    Small percentage for vegetable producers

    One of the complaints that stands out most among the producers of vegetables and fruits is the difference between the sale price of fruits and vegetables in large areas, and the money received by the farmer. It is a issue that becomes more acute. For this reason, the UniĂł de Llauradors has echoed some devastating data, as published on their social networks: "only 19% of the total price of agri-food products goes to farmers, according to a study carried out by UniĂł with Eurostat food prices". In this way, the producer only obtains a fifth part of the final value, while in other countries of… Read more

  • Aware of postharvest jobs

    Aware of postharvest jobs

    In DAYPE 98 we have returned from the summer holidays with our batteries charged to face a new "course" in which we will continue betting on agricultural products and, undoubtedly, our "star" product will continue to be our replacement for professional washing machines for tender onions and leeks, you can also find it on our website by clicking on the product peel onions. With this peel onions we focus on the technology applied to agriculture with the aim of facilitating the daily work both in the postharvest phase with the peel onions, as in the collection, with plastic boxes for the field… Read more

  • Onion cultivation in the Canary Islands

    Onion cultivation in the Canary Islands

    When we talk about the cultivation of onions in Spain we immediately think of Castilla - La Mancha. However, strange as it may seem, Gran Canaria also grows this vegetable. Specifically in the town of Gáldar, where producers raise a type of red and white onion. Recently Gáldar has honored the role of onions and onions of the Canarian town. This variety of onion is characterized by an extraordinary quality caused by the climate of the area when properly nourished when the leaves are bent by the wind that blows frequently in Gáldar. All this helps to grow really tasty onion. With that of… Read more

  • Turkey will import onions to lower prices

    Turkey will import onions to lower prices

    The entrance of vegetables to certain countries usually ends in a drop in prices in the areas of destination, which directly affects the producers of vegetables like green onions and potatoes. That objective is pursued by Turkey, which after months of rising prices, has decided to import certain quantities of onions and potatoes, a tactic that - as we might suppose - has not satisfied the farmers. In fact, farmers believe that only supermarkets are benefiting from the high prices of onions and potatoes, while the farmer continues to charge them at much lower prices, so that the importation of… Read more

  • Onions prices increase

    Onions prices increase

    As every year at this time, the onion collection 2018 has started in some parts of Spain. The illusion, like every campaign, is based on the harvesting of vegetables that will later go through a postharvest washing process until they are fully presentable to attract the attention of the consumer. Apart from the prices of the onion in the large chains of distribution, finally the farmers dedicated to the cultivation of onions can see a substantial improvement if we compare it to last year, since the price at source has increased more than 50%. So the onion breeders of Ciudad Real can sell… Read more

  • Washing or disinfection of onions

    Washing or disinfection of onions

    The need to properly wash and disinfect vegetables such as onions is clear when it comes to offering an attractive product for the consumer. However, the tasks of washing are not easy, since in that phase should be ensured by the maintenance of conditions such as taste or texture. One of the options offered by the current market is the HUWA-SAN system, which helps eliminate the thin layer that usually forms around the onion. But also, it is a suitable method for organic products. Its oxygenating and conditioning characteristics mean that HUWA-SAN helps to disinfect the water in the… Read more

  • More exports of vegetables at less prices

    More exports of vegetables at less prices

    Almeria could have been in luck as far as exports of vegetables are concerned, if it were not for the low prices at which agricultural production has been commercialized. Farmers in the Andalusian region point out that the overproduction of vegetables and the inclemency of the weather have not been the only cause ofthis problem, since if they had managed this overproduction in another way, it would not have been necessary to sell it at extremely unfortunate prices. Read more

  • The 22nd edition of Alimentaria starts in Barcelona

    The 22nd edition of Alimentaria starts in Barcelona

    This week will take place in Barcelona one of the most important fairs of how many are held in our country: Alimentaria 2018. As in other editions, and they are more than 20, the food products exposed again combine perfectly its agricultural origin with its final destination, consumption. The Spanish food industry will not be the only one, since it is an international fair that serves as a showcase to show the virtues of these products and facilitate contact between companies and get to close fruitful businesses. Read more

  • Importance of the onion beyond Spain

    Importance of the onion beyond Spain

    On numerous occasions we have talked about the relevance of onion in Spain in terms of its cultivation and in terms of its properties. But the virtues of this tuber are also highly valued in the rest of the world and in countries like Argentina, where it is one of the most sold vegetables in the country. Its versatility to be used in salads and different types of dishes makes many countries cultivate it, consume it, and others demand it. As in other vegetables, the technology is also applied to improve the quality of the onion and its post-harvest state. For this, there are technological… Read more

  • SAT Gavill visits our stand at FIMA

    SAT Gavill visits our stand at FIMA

    S.A.T. Gavill, located in Ejea de los Caballeros (Zaragoza), is one of the largest producers of leeks in our country. In recognition of the dedication to the cultivation of this vegetables, the Fair of the Agricultural Machinery (FIMA) awarded him the Excellence Award. With almost 20 years betting on the production of leeks, the company from Zaragoza has had to adapt to the new times and improve its daily activities to be a leading company in the agricultural sector. And in fact, the modernization is clear with the production of leeks that gets SAT Gavill, about 30 tons. In addition, its work… Read more