EMS, Environmental Monitoring SystemsEMS, Environmental Monitoring Systems


EMS, Environmental Monitoring Systems BV,commonly shortened as EMS,  Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS) BV specialized in the production of ethylene measurement systems for high accuracy true ppb level measurements for sensitive fruits, vegetable and flowers without cross sensitivity. Example applications are kiwi’s, melons, flowers, tomatoes, peppers, etc.

EMS develops, produces, and supplied advanced systems for gas measurements in the agricultural industry. Research, development, production and sales of these gas- and dust measurement systems is done by EMS in a high tech facility in the Netherlands. These products find their way in the market under the brandname  MACView®.

This stand-alone types low ppb level machines are also extended to the fruit storage market worldwide with fixed and portable apparatus. Also the well known DCS® system for low oxygen controlled atmosphere done by ethanol measurement is a patented applicaton designed and build by EMS. Real dynamic control is possible with this advanced measurement system. The ethanol is a true marker for the starting point of very low amounts of ethanol which are reversible.

In 2004-2005 this market is extended with the agricultural business with the introduction of the MACView® Ethylene Analyser for the tulip bulb storage market. The unique features of this system is based on very low level gas concentration measurement in the range of ppb (parts per billion). As a robust ready to work gas measurement system this is quite unique while this types of systems are mainly used in laboratories with the needed continuous attention from laboratory personnel who run and maintain the machines. With the introduction of the MACView® products this operation costs are not needed anymore, and the machines are also used by other companies the laboratories.

The latest development is a gas measurement system ready to use in greenhouses which analysis 4 gasses on ppb level and 1 gas on ppm level, completely integrated with the control system of the greenhouse. EMS is a VCA and ISO-9001 certified company.

Environmental Monitoring Systems BV is established in an SME with 22 employees.

Mr. Jan-Kees Boerman is the Founder and Managing Director of EMS. He has been working with various process technology control and sensor systems since 1996 and have founded 2 companies (one of which is EMS). He is skilled in developing gas sensor solutions, project management, business development and day-to-day running of independent businesses. He is an inventor and owns several patents and patent applications.

Mr. Gertjan Bosman is product specialist and is available to answer all your application, technical and product specific questions.

Products / services

The range of products by EMS, Environmental Monitoring Systems includes:

Gas measurements in agriculture industry
- MacViewGreenhouse Gas Analyser
- MacView Ethylene Postharvest Portable Analyser
- MacView Ethylene Analyser for flowerbulb storage
- MacView Ethylene Postharvest Fixed GA
- MacView DCS Gas Analyser
- MGA, Multi Gas Analyser

Industrial gas measurements
- MacView IPR
- MacView Eex-d gassensor
- MacView IP
- MacView Solvent
- MacView Eex-i gassensor
- MacView Particles
- Volume measurement for miltanks / Ultrsone sensor
- MacView Portable II
- MacView Portable
- MacView-Particles measurement case
- MacView Wallmount.

- Measurement of styrene in workplaces of polyester factories, where ventilation is regulated to save (electrical or gas) energy en quarantee personal safety of the worker.
- Measurement and monitoring of chemicals in workplaces of wharehouses with direct alarm contacts to the fire department.
- Advanced measurement of ethylene in tulip bulb storages to with a connection to the climate control computer to improve the climate, save energy and improve quality to the tulip bulbs. Monitoring of the concentration on ppb level.
- Measurement of styrene from chimneys to determine the emmision ammounts to comply to environmental safety rules.
- Measurement of Ammonia, HCN, BTX and other potentially human dangerous and toxic gasses for personal saferty in in the industry.
- Measurement of dust in workplaces (Metal parts, metal workplaces and welding places. Connection to the climate control computer is made to reduce the costs of energy consuption and improve safety for the workers.
- Measurement of H2S, dosing units, filtration units.
- Dosing ethylene in potato storage places, fruit storages, lelies and tomatoes.
- Measurement of ethylene and NO in greenhouses, connection made to the climate control computer to protect the greenhouse from exposure to harmfull gases. Concentrations are on ppb level.