The GIRÓ GROUP provides the complete solution to the whole process of packing fruit and vegetables, manufacturing and selling inputs -nets, films, labels, clipping wire-, and machinery to automatizing the packaging process.

GIRO is a world leader in the production of knitted nets and is able to dispatch on demand its nets all over the world. A complete infrastructure and an extensive commercial network in more that forty countries throughout the 5 continents, enables the company to offer integrated solutions for each case.

GIRÓ counts on production plants and advanced R+D centres to develop all the components of a complete packaging process, allowing the manufacture of different kinds of packs for fruit and vegetables adapted to different markets, distributor and consumers.

Some of the GIRÓ packs are already classics, like Redtub -a packing net closed with staples-, or Girplus -with a welded carrying handle-.

GIRÓ has always distinguished itself through its brilliants innovations in the area of packing, proof of this is Girsac, one of the most extensively used packs in the world, in this case, a film covers the front and the back side of the bag giving resistance to the bag and rendering it more attractive. The actual offer includes sustaintable packaging solutions, GirControl Plus (to control the packaging plant "in one click"), smart consumables, and the Omega bag, the ecological and attractive net packaging.

In order to be able to offer its clients integrated solutions to their problems, the GIRÓ GROUP designs and manufactures packing machines according to the needs of the purchaser and of the specific product to be packed. The process is completed offering integral systems, starting with the label itself up to the most elaborate printing techniques.

Besides manufacturing tubular net for the different packs, the GRUPO GIRO can also offer nets for many other uses, like Palnet, which allows manual or mechanical fastening of pallets, or Balenet, excellent for use with straw bales.

Products / services

GRUPO GIRO Packaging Technology includes Tubular net and plastic materials for packing of fruits and vegetables. Nets for packaging and palletization. Fruit and vegetable packaging systems, Systems for specific packaging, Agricultural nets, Industrial nets, Machinery. Software to control de packaging process. Smart consumables.