INGENIERIA PRODOL manufactures packinghouse lines for fruits and vegetables.

The company started in the early 1973, when Prodol installed a small plant in Villa Ballester, Argentina. Its founders, the brothers Alberto and Fernando Zenzerovich, choose this name in honor of his father's birthplace, a small town in what is now Croatia. It´s aim was to support the fruit industry with the development of equipment for the treatment and grading of fruits and vegetables, which was poorly developed and the machinery in use were from international manufacturers, could only be acquired by larger producers. It was then that Ingenieria Prodol produced the first machine to apply water waxes and the first machine to wax peaches.

In 1974, encouraged by the first successful results, the company moved to a site located in the city of Escobar,  Buenos Aires. There, they began to build a new plant which currently has 16,000 m2 on a land surface of 45,000 m2 manufacturing wax machines and drying Tunnel for apples and volumetric sizers for citrus.

From then until now Ingenieria Prodol has been continuously innovating, including  the first Smart Chain Electronic Sizer, installed 2004, …,  and nowadays, the company continues working and innovating towards the future, based on our more than 35 years of experience in Argentina and other markets.

INGENIERIA PRODOL facts include the use of the latest generation technology, with cooperation agreements both national and overseas.  100 highly qualified employees for the perfect performance of their activities. Our machines adapt to small and large producers and can grow in a modular way according to our customer´s needs.  As our country is exporting in counterseason, the fruit has to cover long distances, sometimes periods for more than 30 days to get to the markets, We guarantee extreme care and delicacy in handling of the fruit.

Products / services

INGENIERIA PRODOL manufactures packing lines for citrus, apples, cherry, pears, tomatoes and other vegetables, grapes, melon, mangos, juice plants, etc., including electronic sizers.