Labeller with integrated transporter

Labeller with integrated transporter

VESERKAL has designed a system to label several kinds of containers automatically.

Our Solution
The labeller with integrated transporter stands out as a solution of easy use, compatible with several shapes and adaptable to most food and agrigulture industries. Its  careful design provides it with excellent accuracy , which makes it an ideal option for working with fragile products.

The labeller with integrated transporter, in its multiple versions, is a complete system including a transporter and a labelling system. 

The conveyor belt has a speed regulation system which directs the products to the labelling unit. This has a servomotor operated dispensers which can supply the labels on the upper side, the lower side or both sides of containers. 

This labelling system also allows work with pre-printed labels and, if necessary, add an integrated printer. The system is controlled by a touch display which can save the settings of up to 100 products independently.

- Maximum transporter speed 800 mm/s
- Maximum label width 160 mm
- Transporter size 1000x250 mm (Length x Width)
- Made of stainless steel AISI 304
- Single-phase power supply 230 V
- Labelling from right to left

- Veserkal, offers this product with several configurations
- Upper labeller without printer: A-3100
- Upper labeller with printer: A-3150
- Lower labeller without printer: A-3200
- Lower labeller with printer: A-3250
- Upper and lower labeller without printer: A-3300
- Upper labeller without printer and lower with printer: A-3310
- Upper and lower labeller both with printer: A-3350
- Upper labeller with printer and lower without printer: A-3360


More information

Video of labeller with integrated transporter

Video of labeller with integrated transporter for spherical produce