VESERKAL has designed a labelling solution which, due to its technical features, can adapt to a wide range of labels and formats.

Our solution
The labelling machine outstands for being a very complete automated solution, compatible with several shapes and adaptable to most of agro-food industry.

This machine receives the product from an input band, where a conveyor belt moves it to the labelling unit. Afterwards, a pneumatic operated arm puts a label on each box in the pile in a fast and precise way. The arm picks the label from the printer by suction and moves to the application point. Once the process is finished, the boxes are moved to the final point of the line.

One of the advantages of this solution is its great adaptability, since it allows working with several formats such as boxes, trays, thermoformed containers, blisters and some pallet models. This system is very product-friendly. Moreover, the printer can add some data such as barcodes, weight, best before date, etc.

The equipment is controlled with a touch display with the possibility of programming the exact point where the label must be stuck, frontal, lateral or upper. This display can save the adjustments of up to 100 products independently.

- Maximum label width 160 mm
- Optional transporter
- Constructed with Stainless Steel AISI 304
- Single phase power supply 220 V
- Air pressure 6 bar


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