New dealer of Wyma equipment in FinlandNew dealer of Wyma equipment in Finland

New dealer of Wyma equipment in Finland

Wyma have recently signed up with MacSer to be a new dealer for the Finnish Market

MacSer operate in the food industry providing high quality equipment for a variety of uses including; quality assurance, optical sorting, root treatment, process equipment, vegetable processing, palletisers and packing machines.

Marko Kanerva and his team at MacSer are well respected in the Finnish market and come highly recommended by many Wyma clients. Marko has extensive experience in the industry which includes working with WYMA’s previous dealers.

Like Wyma, MacSer also take pride in providing not just the equipment, but both technical support and the sale of spare parts.

We are looking forward to working with MacSer in the future to continue providing top of the range equipment to clients all over the world.

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About WYMA Solutions
Wyma Solutions designs, manufactures, distributes and services postharvest vegetable equipment and solutions worldwide. Their product range includes equipment to tip, receive, remove waste, brush, polish, cool, dry, convey, grade, size and pack vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, onions and parsnips as well as complete dry, wash or pre-pack line solutions.

For further information, please read Wyma Newsletter September 2017