VESERKAL, trade mark of Tesi Industrial Europa S.L., designs, develops and makes specific machines for production and packaging lines of products, mostly agri-food, offering the best solutions and increasing the profitability of our clients' productive processes.

Tesi Industrial Europa, S.L. is a company with more than 20 years of experience in the creation of products for the sector of agri-food industrial machinery. This long history allows the company to make a major commitment to a constantly developing market. Moreover, its commitment with quality and innovation have led the company to a further step, to position itself as a leader, and remain faithful to its origins, with a strong link with its clients. At this point, we create Veserkal, trade mark of Tesi Industrial Europa, S.L.

For more than a decade we have specialized in the development of automatic equipment, both complete equipments for final users or specific units for production lines. Our clients include machinery makers, international leaders in their sector, who complete their production lines with our products.

Veserkal makes models on request, adapting to our clients requirements, improving production lines, obtaining better results and a great productivity increase.

Veserkal provides solutions to the fruit and vegetable, meat, milk, logistics, pastisserie and fish sectors.


Fruit and Vegetable sector
So as to offer the best service to our clients, we have a wide range of weighing, grouping, classification, labelling, weigh control and automatic loading equipment, etc. Veserkal makes customized solutions at request under strict quality, reliability and precision criteria.


Veserkal is aware of the great transformation of logistics sector in this globalised and immediate world. Our company has the necessary knowledge to meet the requirements of this sector developing solutions to improve its production, storage and distribution system.

VESERKAL General Catalogue

VESERKAL catalogue for the Fruit and Vegetable Industry


Products / services

VESERKAL products include:

- Paper and plastic dispensers
- Tray loaders
- Labelling machines
- Weighing systems
- Classifying and grouping machinery
- Dispensers
- Tray unstacker
- Unification and alignement machinery
- Box turner
- Customized project