Box turners for delicate products

Box turners for delicate products

VESERKAL has created an excellent automatic equipment for the turning of boxes containing delicate products.

Our solution
This solution allows the soft turning of boxes, a feature that makes it into the best option to make this process for delicate fruit, like blueberries.

The box turner is formed of a series of automatic devices that allow the dumping of delicate fruits with great precision and gentleness.

During the production process, a belt leads the boxes to the turning mechanism. This mechanism is also an entrance lung and the exit ofempty boxes.

This equipment has a hexagonal wheel that turns at the required speed, with a mechanism of adjustable speed which facilitates the obtaining of up to 900 boxes/hour.

The speed adjustment is variable thanks to two push buttons.

- Size of boxes according to needs
- Production capacity 900 boxes/h
- Motorization has a speed variation of wide range, from 3 to 15 boxes per minute
- Constructed with stainless steel AISI 304
- The boxes lung makes it possible for an only person to deal with several equipment or different functions in the same equipment

Technical Data:
- Single phase power supply 220 V of 1.5 kW
- Pneumatic power with clean and dry pressure air with a minimum pressure of 0.8 MPa


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Video of box turners for delicate products