More about Postharvest - October 12th, 2017

More about Postharvest - October 12th, 2017

The links available below, correspond to postharvest information published on different media. Every Thursday, we bring all this interesting postharvest-information together in our Postharvest News.

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£31M of strawberries, lettuce goes to waste

Anthracnose of Pitaya (Hylocereus spp.) Caused by Colletotrichum spp., A New Postharvest Disease in Taiwan

Combined effects of irrigation regime, genotype, and harvest stage determine tomato fruit quality and aptitude for processing into puree

Defense response against postharvest pathogens in hot water treated apples

Effect of 2, 4-epibrassinolide treatment on the postharvest quality and physiological metabolism of fresh daylily flower buds during storage

Effect of chitosan coating on postharvest life and quality of plum during storage at low temperature 

Effect of Different Packaging Materials on Post-Harvest Quality Parameters of Pear under Zero Energy Chamber Storage 

Effect of Pre Harvest Treatment on Flower Quality and Vase Life of Asiatic lilium cv. Arcachon

Effects of chlorine dioxide on morphology and ultrastructure of Fusarium sulphureum and its virulence to potato tubers 

Effects of continuous red light and short daily UV exposure during postharvest on carotenoid concentration and antioxidant capacity in stored tomatoes 

Extending the shelf life of cassava through waxing 

Image processing methods to evaluate tomato and zucchini damage in post-harvest stages

Ishida Europe celebrates 20 years of UK manufacturing 

Largest kiwi processing plant in Europe inaugurated by Agrintesa 

Marine yeasts and bacteria as biological control agents against anthracnose on mango 

New Tomra potato sorter removes 98% of foreign objects 

Our ADB fan will not cause flames in greasy areas 

Poland - Are full-line machine solutions the answer to labour shortages? 

Predicting bruise susceptibility in apples using Vis/SWNIR technique combined with ensemble learning

Response of Pre-Harvest Spraying Treatments of Chemicals and Plant Growth Regulators on Post-Harvest Losses and Quality Attributes of Sapota [Manilkara achras (Mill.) Forsberg] Fruits cv. Kalipatti 

Susceptibility to fungal infection: A comparison between Capsicum annuum and Capsicum frutescens

The newest in produce labeling technology at Fresh Summit 

Thin edible sensors can monitor food temp.

Volatile organic compounds from endophytic fungi as innovative postharvest control of Fusarium oxysporum in cherry tomato fruits