AGROSTA 14Field, the most reliable penetrometer in the worldAGROSTA 14Field, the most reliable penetrometer in the world

AGROSTA 14Field, the most reliable penetrometer in the world

AGROSTA®14Field was developped and manufactured in France by Agro Technologie for the firmness measurement of apples, pears, peaches and other crisp fruits and vegetables like cucumber, pickles or potatoes... The AGROSTA®14Field was born 25 years ago under the name of PENEFEL. It has since been adapted for the measurement of cows breasts firmness (in order to detect diseases), granules for rodents softness, as well as foams, and other industrial and food products.

The AGROSTA®14Field is a very high quality penetrometer, integrating the latest electronics technologies like surface mounted components, Microprocessor, Rohs components, top quality sensor, etc.

The AGROSTA®14Field displays the data instantly, no button has to be pressed. It registers the measurements by batch, and gives for each batch the average and the homogeneity coefficient.  All those data are stored, and can be transferred later on a PC via USB.

The principle is based on penetration of a calibrated tip into the fruit. The AGROSTA®14Field measures the maximum pressure during penetration. For special measurements, like firmness of cows breasts or seeds, the tip does not penetrate into the product, but a pressure is measured on the surface

The AGROSTA®14Field is equipped with rechargeable batteries (High tech batteries), and can work during many hours before recharging. A manual stand is normally provided with the AGROSTA®14Field.

The AGROSTA®14Field is one of the few penetrometers available on the market , completely manufactured in Europe, and integrating the latest electronics technologies.

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