Updated Wonderfast for blackberry firmness measurement

Updated Wonderfast for blackberry firmness measurement

Agrosta Wonderfast has been adjusted in order to provide very accurate firmness measurements on blackberry

Blackberry firmness is not easy to measure, the fruit is smooth and has a hard core. AGROSTA have been playing with different parameters and added a new trigger function in order to obtain accurate results and these results are amazing. They have obtained a very fine measurement fully correllated with hand feeling.

Wonderfast comes with:
- A software for Windows (All versions) that includes a light version of Excel (The data is directly stored under Excel format). You can  also use Agrosta software in order to create, open and modify Excel files

- One turntable dedicated to Blackberry that can be easily removed for cleaning

- A double core processor (One core is managing the pressure measurements and the other core is managing the motors)
- A heavy structure with high tech guides (self lubricated) and lead screw

- High quality stepper motors

- Laser cut reinforcements in aluminium

- 2 Tips adapted for Blackberry

You can define the number of fruits you want to measure, even more than the tray capacity, just replacing the fruits during the cycle, without the need of stopping. You can also make continuous measurements.

The turntable positioning is extremely accurate, using a stepper motor (6400 steps per rotation) and a switch. Each cup arrives exactly under the sensor head, and the fruits are tested in their middle. When used as penetrometer, you can remove a piece of skin on 2 opposite sides of the fruit, and return the fruits during the cycle.

For a price of 4700 €, express transport included worldwide.

About Agrosta:
AGROSTA offers quality control devices for agriculture, the food and vegetable industry, and the food-processing industry, for growers, packers and labs. Manufacturer of measuring devices since 1989.