Basic controller: CO2 elimination, N2O2 injection, O2/CO2 analysis

Basic controller: CO2 elimination, N2O2 injection, O2/CO2 analysis

Absoger has developed a full range of gas control systems to meet all of your needs of Controlled Atmosphere.

As conservation levels creep ever downwards, we’ve developed a new analyzer which is both more compact and higher performance. It enables you to analyze very low levels of O2 and CO2 with great precision, enabling effective ULO and XLO conservation.

As such, all of our analysis systems are fitted with an O2 sensor, a CO2 sensor and a precisión O2 and CO2 sensor (0.05% up to 1.5% O2/CO2, 0.1% above this level).

The Basic controller
The Basic Controller is integrated into the CO2 adsorber in order to save as much space as possible.

It will automatically regulate a Controlled Atmosphere installation, and is great for operators looking for ease of use.

Technical characteristics of the Basic controller
- A PLC enabling the automatic functioning of a Controlled Atmosphere installation (CO2 elimination, N2O2 injection, O2/CO2 analysis).

- 5.7” next-generation color touchscreen: visualization and control of the Controlled Atmosphere installation using this screen.

- Integrated O2/CO2 analyzer with sample pump for analysis.

- Data recording system using a “Compact Flash” card.

- Printer output via USB (optional).

- Modem enabling you to remotely visualize the Controlled Atmosphere.