Bizerba at the Fruit Logistica 2019: Fresh Solutions for the Modern Fruit TradeBizerba at the Fruit Logistica 2019: Fresh Solutions for the Modern Fruit Trade

Bizerba at the Fruit Logistica 2019: Fresh Solutions for the Modern Fruit Trade

Bizerba will present hardware and software solutions for the fruit trade at this year‚Äôs Fruit Logistica trade show in Berlin, Germany (February 6-8, 2019, Berlin Expo Center, hall 4.1, booth C-13). With its models and solutions, the manufacturer is supporting the economic viability and quality assurance of the supply chain of fruit-processing operations. Bizerba‚Äės presence at the trade show is focused on machines enabling increased production automation and optimized throughput, including checkweighers, label dispensers for automatic labeling on various surfaces, and software solutions for the evaluation and optimization of running processes

BIZERBA will present itself in the freshest manner at the upcoming Fruit Logistica trade show (February 6-8, 2019). The manufacturer supports the ongoing trend towards digitization and automation with its hardware and software solutions. At the Berlin Expo Center, hall 4.1, booth C-13, Bizerba will demonstrate various solutions providing efficient and simple means to improve the economic viability and quality assurance of fruit-processing operations. Leading the way, the CWFmaxx industrial checkweigher (1st. picture) ensures that all packages have exactly the same weight. The quality of Bizerba‘s innovative machines is also demonstrated by the LDI 20 modular labeler (2nd. picture) that can be used to automatically label unpacked fruit and vegetables. Thanks to its modular construction, the LDI 20 offers a high level of flexibility, supporting different package formats as well as packages and labels of various sizes. Being equally important as the hardware in the increasingly digitized fruit trade, software solutions are used to control and monitor the hardware. The BRAIN2 Portion_Control app enables any underfillings or overfillings of fruit and vegetable packages to be captured in real time, thus preventing any additional costs for the fruit dealer.

Precise Weighing: The CWFmaxx Checkweigher Sorts Out Overweight and Underweight Packages
The CWFmaxx checkweigher saves a lot of time and money for fruit-processing operations. Inaccuracies frequently occur especially with secondary packaging, resulting in a loss of revenue. With Bizerba‘s GWFmaxx, up to 400 packages per minute can be checked precisely. Thanks to its large product memory storing up to 100,000 items, the checkweigher can recognize different kinds of fruit and vegetables and to categorize them according to the pre-defined weight classes. Any overweight or underweight items are ultimately sorted out by means of a pusher. At the same time, the Varicon+ metal detector reliably detects any metal parts and ejects any contaminated packages. The checkweigher even saves money after the work is done because cleaning is easy thanks to its sophisticated design and its sleek surface, preventing the adhesion of any dirt particles that could contaminate the products.

Perfectly Labeled: The LDI 20 Labels Unpacked Fruit and Vegetables
The LDI 20 label dispenser unlocks additional flexibility in fruit and vegetable processing operations. It can not only be used to label packed fruit and vegetables, but for labeling unpacked goods of any shape as well, resulting in increased transparency for consumers and improved brand positioning for fruit producers. Products can be automatically labeled with a logo and additional information. By using an optical sensor to detect the products, the label dispenser can position itself correctly to apply the label on the fruit. The LDI 20 can process labels with up to 15 different formats and sizes and is even usable with labels with undulated carrier paper. No cartridge replacement is required for this, thereby reducing setup times and servicing costs. Furthermore, the device stores all item data in favorite lists. Operation is straightforward and intuitive, and remote control is supported via a touchscreen PC. In addition, the solution can be connected to existing IT systems, and the all-aluminum case lends itself to integration into conveyor systems.

Optimum Transparency and Efficiency with BRAIN2 Portion_Control
The new BRAIN2 Portion_Control software app optimizes goods-packing processes and ensures fast manual weighing of portions. For the staff working at the weighing terminal, the app clearly indicates any underfilled or overfilled trays, thereby supporting fast, precise filling at the portioning system and ensuring optimum filling quantities. Furthermore, the industrial software easily handles item data, tare values and tolerance limits, recording every weighing operation and compiling relevant statistics. Production managers can use this information to assess line efficiency and to optimize the process. The BRAIN2 Portion_Control app leverages the known advantages of the BRAIN2 Framework, including seamless hardware/software integration and open interfaces to the world of industry 4.0 data.

About Bizerba
Bizerba offers its customers in industry, trade, and logistics a globally unique solutions portfolio of hardware and software around the central value "weight". This portfolio includes products and solutions related to slicing, processing, weighing, cashing, checking, commissioning and labeling. A wide range of services from consulting and service, labels and consumables to leasing complete the portfolio.

Since 1866 Bizerba has made a significant contribution to the developments in the area of weighing technology and today is represented in 120 countries. The customer base includes globally operating companies in trade and industry as well as retailers, bakeries and butcheries. With around 4.100 employees worldwide and with its headquarters in Balingen, Baden Wuerttemberg, Bizerba has been in the same family for five generations. Additional production facilities are located in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, China and USA. Bizerba also has a global network of sales and service locations.