It's time to rip off the kiwi

Brancato kv97 System fits perfectly in traditional cool chambers

BRANCATO, the company headed by Francesco Brancato, is a company that since 1945 deals with design and construction of plants for the ripening and preservation of fruit and vegetables in Controlled Atmosphere.

It is known that kiwi fruit, like other climatic fruits like banana (pineapple, avocado, mango, ...), to achieve the optimum quality at the time of consumption (consistency of the pulp, great flavor and aroma, lack of astringency, sweetness), they need of the various processes of ripening.

The post-harvest phase of kiwi can't be considered as easy either obvious; themes such as the index of ripening, softening, the decomposition, conditioning and transportation, up still form today problems not easy to ensure that standards can be guaranteed qualitatively tailored to the needs of the final consumer.

Community regulations and new protocols for acceptance of Exotic fruits in distribution centers go in opposite directions: the rule (EC Regulation 1673/2004) that the fruit must reach 6.2 degrees Brix (parameter that measures the sugar content) for the product "conditioned", or predisposed for marketing, and 9.5 degrees Brix in all other phases of marketing.

Large distribution protocols even require a product which has, in addition to its excellent outside qualities, a minimum content of 12 degrees Brix and a consistency up to 2-3 kg (8 mm diameter penetrometer), in tune with the trend for consumer tastes, now oriented to fruits ripe, juicy and sweet.

Our company Domenico Brancato. for decades specialized in fruit and vegetable postharvesting is concerned about enhancing and exalting the organoleptic qualities of fruit, applying an advanced technical process for ripening accelerated / controlled kiwi, is the ideal compromise between the needs of machining centers and consumer expectations.

The kv97 System has been used by customers for many decades for bananas, persimmon, for citrus fruit de-greening and kiwi. It's creates ideal conditions for optimum ripening and for marketing at GDO, with a maturity time / product quality ratio unprecedented.

The kv97 system fits perfectly into a traditional medium cold rooms dimensions (200-500 mc); it is equipped with a heating device air, a humidifier capable of producing dry steam, a system of air recirculation inside the room with ethylene generator, and system electronic control and parameter management.

To give some examples of the effectiveness of the kv 97 system:
1) In the Campania region a load of 500 quintals of kiwi inside 300 cubic meter of a cold room, introduced to average temperature of 7.5 ° C, with an average hardness of 11 kg (diameter 8mm diameter penetrometer) and an average brix degree of 9.5, with a 36h process, which kiwi with an average was obtained of 12 degrees Brix and a hardness of 6-7 kg.

2) In the Piedmont company, a load of 700 quintals of kiwi in a cold room of 500 mc, introduced to average temperature of 3 ° C., with an average hardness of 8 kg (penetrometer-toothed diameter 8mm) and an average brix degree of 6.5, after 48 hours a kiwi was obtained with an average of 9.5 brix grades and a hardness of 5-6kg.

Our technologies allow for early harvesting of kiwi, thus expanding the marketing window and anticipating them competitors.

Domenico Brancato Ltd Company, while maintaining the size of an SME, is today reference point of important Italian and foreign companies, being conquered on the field of fame and credibility.

1st picture, by ABC Color
2nd picture, Brancato, kv 97 system