BK/4, ethylene and other volatile substances absorberBK/4, ethylene and other volatile substances absorber

BK/4, ethylene and other volatile substances absorber

The Air Depurator BK/4 by BRANCATO, using EXTRAETIL cartridges is able to throw down the etylene gas inside the storage chambers using an oxidation process. The Air Depurator BK/3 has been studied to exploit the EXTRAETIL in the best way through the recycle of suitable masses of air in an optimal speed, so to get a crossing of the cartridges with determined and constant time. It represents an essential tool to maintain on fruit, vegetable and flower products the following caracteristics: freshness, resistance and salubriousness. The physical and chemical action produced by the BK/4 acts on the fruit during its preserving process with the result to delay the ripening, to maintain the original organoleptics characteristic for a longer time and in natural way, and to reduce the to rise up of vegetative mold on the surface. The air depurator BK/4 can be easily positioned inside the cold room. It can contain from 56 to 84 kg of EXTRAETIL (according to the model).

Use during the ripening cycle:

During the ripening cycle, the Air Depurator BK/4 uses other cartridges containing ZETAMINA, another our product. ZETAMINA is able to absorb V.O.S. (volatile organic substances) emitted by the transpiration of the fruits during their ripening process. For so, it favors the correct ripening process, prevents the oxidation of the pores and the missed completion of color. The Air Depurator BK/3 can contain from 44 to 66 kg of ZETAMINA (according to the model).

Technical characteristics:

- Voltage: 220/240 V - 50/60 Hz
- Max power required: 200 W
- Max volume: 1500 m3
- Size (cm): 100x38x87.50
- Control panel: Remote (or integrated on request)

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