BRANCATO operates in the post harvest field since 1945, always working , together with researchers, to find solutions to the technical and scientific problems related to the ripening, of fruits like bananas, degreening of citrus fruits and others, special treatments with modified atmospheres (MA), Dynamic Modified Atmoshpere (DMA), precooling, humidification, management of the ethylene in sensitive crops like many flowers, cool chambers and transport.

Brancato equipment include mobile, versatile units for precooling and ripening, to optimize the use of the cool chambers.

Ripening net

Products / services

BRANCATO offer for cool chambers, ripening, and degreening includes:

BK/4, air depurator

Ethylfast, ethylene generator

Extraetil, ethylene scrubber

Super Steam M, humidification with dry steam

Tornado, mobile precooling system for fruits, vegetables and ornamentals. VIDEO with Tornado.

Tornado M-CRS, mobile system for controlled ripening.

Accesory instruments: gas samplers, thermometers.