KV97 ripening system, without gas cylindersKV97 ripening system, without gas cylinders

KV97 ripening system, without gas cylinders

The KV97 ripening system, by Brancato, causes not only an acceleration of colouring in a uniform and natural way, but it also gives a real stimulating impulse to the biochemical processes which contribute to the internal and external ripening, to the taste and other organoleptic characteristics. Such a process occurs in a soft way without fruits, even the most delicate, show any signs of exhaustion.

The "KV/97 SYSTEM" can be easily installed making up a whole with any cool room and it allows to carry out automatically and in a short time, a process of "fast-controlled ripening" of the fruit and vegetable products. It allows the elimination of ramps and gas cylinders!

The KV97 System includes the following equipments:
1) ETHYLFAST: for the development and dosage of pure ethylene at 99,9%.
2) SUPER STEAM:  produces sterilized dry steam, regulating and keeping of the humidity between 95-99% (with digital display).
3) THERMOVENTILATOR: for the air recirculation and heating.
4) BK/4: for the absorption of  CO2,  SO2 and other volatile substances and gases due to fruit transpiration during the ripening cycle.  

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