Citrocide® PLUS, the second product of CITROSOL aproved for ecological agriculture

Citrocide® PLUS, the second product of CITROSOL aproved for ecological agriculture

The CAAE certified the usage of Citrocide® PLUS for ecological agriculture

CITROSOL has taken its fruit postharvest solutions to the most international edition of Fruit Attraction, with exhibitors from more than 30 countries. A trade hall of citrus, fruits and vegetables has increased the participation of companies from France, Italy and the Netherlands, while standing out the incorporation of new countries such as Colombia, Costa Rica, Egypt and Vietnam, among others.

“A fair which is increasingly international and where we had had the possibility to welcome in our booth to customers and potential ones who are interested and found in this event the propitious occasion to know our catalog and the added value of our equipment and products”, said Benito Orihuel, CEO and scientific of Citrosol.

Precisely the 'KNOW-HOW container' of Citrosol has been the perfect showcase in Fruit Attraction 2016 in which both, current and potential customers, were able to visualize in half a dozen panels (collection, drencher treatment, wax treatment, Pre-cooled, Hygiene and transport) the critical stages of citrus exports by overseas and postharvest solutions that Citrosol offers at each stage; explaining the scientific basis of best practices.

The eighth edition of the Madrid Fair has been very intense regarding contacts and interviews. Professionals of both hemispheres have gathered at the booth of Citrosol, who has also served as a link between exporters and importers. "One way to expand the sales network of our clients who have found through Citrosol a business point of meeting at this fair; for example, customers from South America will import Spanish citrus in its opposite season and vice versa, so we have contacted customers in different countries."

Products for pepper, citrus and tomato arouse great expectations
Both, Citrocide® PC, for hygienic washing of pepper and citrus, and Citrocide® PLUS, for tomato and citrus, have arouse great interest among the professional public attending the fair IFEMA. In fact, the presentation in Madrid of Citrocide® PLUS was made after the Spanish Agency of Consumer Affairs, Food Safety and Nutrition (AECOSAN) has approved, the last May, its use as a processing aid in postharvest tomatoes and disinfection citrus; and only a few days before the CAAE Fair (entity specializing in organic production certification) Citrocide® PLUS was certified as allowed for postharvest application of citrus and tomatoes in organic production.

Citrocide® PLUS, the new product of Citrosol presented in Madrid
Thus, Citrocide® PLUS becomes the second peroxyacetic formulated, authorized as a processing aid and in organic production, fruit and vegetables, along with the PC Citrocide® - also from Citrosol - "Currently there is no other similar product in the market for such use, what demonstrates our company´s commitment to innovation and research”, pointed out Benito Orihuel.

The Citrocide® PLUS is the product used with the Citrocide® PLUS T system in postharvest whose use also extends the shelf life of citrus and tomatoes as it avoids rottenness in addition to ensuring food security of the fruit; eliminating the risk of microbiological contamination of food and minimizing potential cross-contamination during washing. At the same time, it meets the standard requirements by which the most common food safety management systems are certified.

In addition, the Citrocide® PLUS T system reduces the environmental impact, because it allows to reuse the washing water or apply a hygienically and safety treatment and, therefore, the water consumption is significantly reduced and the risks of dumping pollution are eliminated.

Postharvest solutions
Along with both products, Citrosol has also shown in its display other products of its full range of postharvest solutions.

From the Citroguanida LU. Recommended by air with X3 Nebulizer for disinfection of citrus plants, through the Citrosol Zero Spillage System® in the drenching system, even Fortisol® Ca and Ca PLUS Fortisol® are claiming its effectiveness in controlling rotted and stained among other postharvest solutions.