Citrosol’s ‘KNOW-HOW container EDITION II’ is on its way to the trade fair, Fruit Logística 2017Citrosol’s ‘KNOW-HOW container EDITION II’ is on its way to the trade fair, Fruit Logística 2017Citrosol’s ‘KNOW-HOW container EDITION II’ is on its way to the trade fair, Fruit Logística 2017

Citrosol’s ‘KNOW-HOW container EDITION II’ is on its way to the trade fair, Fruit Logística 2017

At this year’s edition of the German Fair in Berlin CITROSOL’s presentation will be about sustainability. The Valencian company’s stand will show their customers and other professionals how their formulations for post-harvest citrus and other fruit and horticulture are implementing improvements in environmental objectives such as water conservation and air quality amongst other elements. Developments that prolong the life-span of produce afford food safety to the consumer and, at the same time, respond to market demands for more sustainable products and services.

“The preservation of life’s essential natural resources like water and air quality is paramount to the development of a sustainable society. With its systems and products Citrosol is contributing evermore towards this sustainability. At the German fair we will be placing special emphasis on this, one of our differentiating features.” said Benito Orihuel, CEO and Scientific Director of the company from Potríes.

Fruit Logística 2017 is anticipating some 70.000 professional visitors from 130 countries to attend the fair at the Messe in Berlin from 8-10 February where Citrosol will be exhibiting on Stand A-07 in Hall 18. At this edition, for the second year, we will be showcasing our ‘KNOW-HOW container’, a portable museum that highlights the various phases from harvesting of citrus fruit through to the consumer’s table, with the emphasis on long haul container shipments.

Sustainability is in our Deeds; not just a Word
The ‘KNOW-HOW container’ will be Citrosol’s star exhibit for the second year running, but this time we will concentrate on showing our customers the products that make Citrosol the benchmark for the most sustainable post harvest processes and the handling and treatment of fresh fruit and horticulture.

Some of Citrosol’s differing solutions, improvements and developments; the fruit of our constant striving in R&D&i that demonstrably contribute to a sustainable and efficient post-harvest are outlined below:

Ceras A S UE: Wax coatings for Citrus fruit that allow for a lower drying tunnel temperature thereby reducing the carbon footprint and the emission of greenhouse gases.

Sistema Citrosol Vertido Cero ®: A System to inhibit decay that avoids the need to deal with the “left-over formulations” following treatment, as it allows the initial effectiveness of those solutions to be maintained throughout. With our system in the drencher the treatment solutions remain unchanged so are always at their maximum effectiveness. Benito Orihuel emphasised that this is “A radical improvement that keeps the fungicide concentrations at a constant level even throughout a whole season”

Citrocide® System: For hygienic washing and decay control in peppers, tomatoes and avocados, achieving savings of more than 70% in water usage. Furthermore, the only post-harvest products used for disinfection in the washing of citrus fruit, peppers and tomatoes in Spain authorized for use in Organic Farming are Citrosol’s: Citrocide® PC and Citrocide® PLUS.

“CITROSOL and our customers are therefore actively contributing to the sustainable development of Spanish horticulture”.

The ‘KNOW-HOW container’ grows in its second year
Citrosol are to return to Berlin this year with their “KNOW-HOW container’, first shown at this agricultural fair at the last edition, 2016. A container subdivided into six sections (Harvest, Drencher Treatment, Wax Treatment, Pre-cooling, Hygiene and Transport) with up-to-date information outlining the critical stages of overseas export of citrus fruit and our post-harvest solutions.

With this compact, portable, museum Citrosol describe a wide range of good agricultural practices, from the various models of secateurs or pruning shears through the use of the drencher for fungicide treatments within the first 24 hours of harvesting to the loading of the fruit into containers and why they must be pre-cooled, the need for good ventilation and the maintaining of the chain of refrigeration.

25 anniversary of Fruit Logística
The agricultural fair in the German capital will be celebrating 25 years of existence at the 2017 edition. An event by and for professionals that serves as a catalyst to form great contacts, close contracts and learn about new technology and those innovative solutions that foretell a revolution in the different processes that genuinely affect the value chain.

Innovation in the agricultural sector is one of the German Fair’s priorities, dovetailing with Citrosol’s own philosophy to offer our customers continuous improvements alongside greater added value.

Fruit Logística 2017 will bring together 2,884 exhibitors spanning an area of more than 117,000 square metres. It is anticipated that more than 70,000 visitors from all five producing continents will attend, consolidating its position as the benchmark for fruit and horticulture exhibition centres at an international level.