ClensAir™ Air Sanitation System

ClensAir™ Air Sanitation System

Fresh Produce Instruments offers the ClensAir™ Air Sanitation System to remove ethylene gas and odors. It does not use ozone.

ClensAir™ is a next Generation Air Purifier utilizes the latest UV and photocatalytic disinfecting technology combined with advanced media filtration to provide 99.9998% pure air.

It uses a patent 6 layer purification process to ensure all microorganisms, VOCs, ethylene, airborne mold, and pathogens are eliminated

The ClensAir™ Advantages
- Effective - Destroys more than 99.98% of mold, and pathogens from the air. Removes ethylene gas and odors.

- Innovative & Fast - engineered to sanitize air at a rate of over 4 cubic meters per minute

- Safe - safe alternative to harmful sanitizing agents. No ozone or toxic by-products released.

- Economical - competitively priced and requires very little power to operate

- Energy Efficient - Low energy consumption - green technology.

- Easy - simple installation and maintenance - Plug-and-play.

- Reliable - high quality components designed to operate 24/7

- Durable - power coated aluminum unit

- Service Indicators - hour meter and filter and bulb replacement alert

- Applicable - Works with any size room and any application.

- Low Maintenance - Requires a fraction of maintenance cost as compared to competitors.

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