CO.N.I.P. presents "Close the Circle": the circular economy event

CO.N.I.P. presents "Close the Circle": the circular economy event

Rome, 17th April

CO.N.I.P., the largest Italian consortium of plastic box production, celebrates 20 years of circular economy on April 17, through the event "Close the circle - The circular economy in the fruit and vegetable industry - The case of CO.N.I.P." The meeting takes place in Rome, at 10 o'clock in the morning, at the Congressi Capranichetta Center, Piazza Montecitorio.

It is an opportunity to take stock of the issue of the circular economy in distribution chains and to celebrate the twenty-year journey of the consortium thanks to the intervention of the major personalities of the sector.

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About CO.N.I.P.
CO.N.I.P. National Consortium of Plastic Packaging is leader in the sector of plastic crates production and in the management of collecting and recycling of its own packagings.

The CO.N.I.P. has been in business since 1998. The long experience, the professionalism and the continuous research allowed members of the consortium to produce crates whose characteristics meet the needs of large retailers and farmers markets and are especially environmentally friendly.

The CO.N.I.P. crates are made of PP and PEHD and are available in different sizes and in all heights.

The crates produced by the consortium members are certified for fruit and vegetables.

The CO.N.I.P. crates are stackable and palletizable, they guarantee a greater safety, durability, mechanical resistance and hygiene.