CRS, Centralized Ripening System®CRS, Centralized Ripening System®

CRS, Centralized Ripening System®

From CATALYTIC GENERATORS central supply of Ethy-Gen® II Ripening Concentrate, CRS, Centralized Ripening System, can serve four ripening rooms or 40 (or more!), with continuous ethylene production to initiate the natural ripening & degreening process, while giving you complete control.

Across the globe, customers utilize multiple ripening rooms to efficiently ripen produce. Thanks to our CRS®, all ripening rooms in a facility can have continuous ethylene production from one central supply of Ethy-Gen II Ripening Concentrate. Imagine supplying an entire packinghouse with ethylene from one central location….with complete confidence in your equipment and without fear of explosions. That’s how easy it is when you trust Catalytic Generator’s easy & convenient ethylene source… we make your ripening operation safer.

We’ve been installing these systems across the world since 1998, and will be happy to provide a custom quotation based on the layout of your ripening facilities.

Contact us and we can discuss how easy it is to make your ripening operation safer, more efficient and easier to manage with the CRS.

Catalytic Generator web site explains why to use CRS®. A full explanation is available on Catalytic Generators web site (see "Source" below); a summary of reasons include 1. Ethylene Verification, 2. Low Maintenance, 3. Complete Control, 4. Low-Flow Sensor, and 5. Quick Installation.

Our knowledgeable staff is happy to install your new CRS® to ensure that everything is set up correctly and integrated properly. We usually complete installation within one day, but depending upon the size of your facility, we may require an additional day. Our installation process includes an in-room analysis to match your needs with the appropriate ethylene production system.