SAT Gavill visits our stand at FIMASAT Gavill visits our stand at FIMA

SAT Gavill visits our stand at FIMA

S.A.T. Gavill, located in Ejea de los Caballeros (Zaragoza), is one of the largest producers of leeks in our country. In recognition of the dedication to the cultivation of this vegetables, the Fair of the Agricultural Machinery (FIMA) awarded him the Excellence Award.

With almost 20 years betting on the production of leeks, the company from Zaragoza has had to adapt to the new times and improve its daily activities to be a leading company in the agricultural sector.

And in fact, the modernization is clear with the production of leeks that gets SAT Gavill, about 30 tons. In addition, its work system has been acquiring efficiency and quality.

Undoubtedly, the export potential also plays an indispensable role in this company, representing a fifth of the production. Other aspects in which SAT Gavill stands out is the control of pests and the reduction of water consumption, betting on drip irrigation as opposed to blanket irrigation.

During our presence at FIMA, we received a visit from SAT Gavill, who has already tested our peel onions for washing leeks. From DAYPE 98 we also congratulate SAT Gavill for this well-deserved award.