New postharvest technology for avocadosNew postharvest technology for avocados

New postharvest technology for avocados

Source: Freshplaza

DECCO has developed the edible coating Naturcover, which can be used in fruits such as avocados, pome and citrus fruits, melons, etc., and aims to reduce losses due to dehydration, while helping the fruit retain its firmness and serve as a carrier of fungicides. With Naturcover, the fruits maintain their natural appearance, giving them an outstanding antioxidant effect, and all without causing the product to look artificial.

The Decco Fullcover Packing technology has been developed in the framework of a process aiming to improve the versatility of post-harvest applications. This is making it possible to apply of treatments at ultra-low volume thanks to the generation of electrostatic charges.

The effectiveness of this technology guarantees a homogeneous coating, the covering of the entire fruit and an efficient use of water. Its installation is simple and non-invasive, adapting to any packaging line and to different types of fruit, including avocados, top fruits, berries, kiwis, citrus fruits, stone fruits, table grapes, pineapples or mangoes, among others.

Moreover, electrostatic technology has led to the development of Decco Fullcover Campo, facilitating the application of products on farms, especially in those with a challenging topography.

This same technology is also used for the disinfection of packing rooms, process lines, storage chambers, warehouses, etc. It makes it possible to reduce working hours to a quarter of the usual number and reaches every corner of the treated area thanks to the electrostatic effect, with a minimum amount of water and active materials used.

The combination of Naturcover+Decco Fullcover technology allows for important improvements in the treatments and in the fruit's condition on arrival to its destination. The products of the Decco Naturcover line are compatible with other post-harvest products, including those of natural or biological origin.

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