Postharvest solutions for freshness, safety, and waste reduction at Fruit Logistica 2020

Postharvest solutions for freshness, safety, and waste reduction at Fruit Logistica 2020

Decco will attend Fruit Logistica 2020, Hall 8-2, Booth A-11

When it comes to postharvest solutions for freshness, safety, and waste reduction, DECCO has been a natural leader for many decades. Its innovative products, equipment and services have helped generations of growers and packers keep their fruits and vegetables fresh, attractive, healthy, and safe.

Once again, Decco will be present at Fruit Logistica 2020 in Berlin to be held on February 5-7. The company will exhibit:

Deccoshield is the ultimate in micronized liquid calcium carbonate sunscreens, designed to provide protection to plants during the growing season to optimize growth, increase production output, and improve plant health. Deccoshield is a sunscreen for growing eggplant, cherry, citrus, mango, apple, melon, pear, pepper, watermelon, tomato, vineyard,... Reduces hydric and heat stress and promotes physiological responses in the plant which leads to increased production, increased sugar content, resistance to attack by fungi such as powdery mildew and downy mildew, firmer skin of the fruit and avoids sunburn.

The Decconatur Organic line of products is the first and only full line of organic certified and environmentally friendly sanitizers, cleaners, coatings, and biofungicides. These post-harvest products are developed to maintain produce freshness for today’s market demands. Decconatur products are GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) substances.

Decco Storage Solutions
DECCO Storage Solutions is a line of products that provide protection for the flowers, fruits and vegetables in postharvest.
- DECCO-ADSORB is a combination of high porosity zeolite with potassium permanganate. Delays ripening and aging by oxidation of ethylene and volatile. Tubes for trucks and containers. Sachets individual boxes. Machines for cold storage or markets.
- DECCOPAC, Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) manufactured by Zoepac (Israel). Selective permeability to carbon dioxide, moisture and ethylene.
- DECCO-SENSORS, Temperature recorders for transportation and storage.

Decco Pot
DeccoPot is a range of products with fumigants for disinfection of empty rooms, trucks, and contai­ners. Allowed in food industry and livestock.
- DECCOFENATO POT is base don Orthophenylphenol.
- DECCOAMONIO POT is based on Quaternary ammonium.

Decco Aerosol Plus
Decco Aerosol Plus is an innovative system of disinfection by cold fumigation using a full-discharge aerosol. This aerosol pot is fitted with a valve that is pressed until trapped, staying then opened until all the content in the pot is released and diffused into the air. Decco Aerosol Plus full-discharge system is comfortable and safe for the user. It does not require any application equipment nor represents any risk for the facilities, since there is no combustion. Pots can be applied in any closed environment or room such as cold rooms, chambers, manipulation rooms, cooled trucks, etc.

Melanite is a fungicide with effective dual action on Penicillium and Geotrichum in harvested citrus. Treatment in aqueous solution (drenching, on-line, raft).
Some benefits of Melanite are:
- Double fungicide action
- Highly effective against geotrichum
- Efficacy against Penicillium
- Residue authorized in EU, USA & Canada
- Low toxicity and compatibility
- Positive synergy with other fungicides.

To learn more about our latest exciting innovations in organic products, nature-based protective coatings, and zero-residue product line, stop by for a chat in Hall 8-2, Booth A-11.

Decco, we deliver HEALTHILY PROTECTED produce. At Decco, we are NATURALLY POSTHARVEST.