Agrauxine and DECCO announce an exclusive distribution agreement for NEXY Bio-Fungicide

Agrauxine and DECCO announce an exclusive distribution agreement for NEXY Bio-Fungicide

Agrauxine and DECCO announce the signing of an exclusive distribution agreement whereby DECCO will distribute Nexy® bio-fungicide (Candida oleophila Strain O) in select countries for control of key plant pathogens in Pome Fruit (Apples and Pears), Citrus (Lemons, Oranges, Mandarins and Grapefruit) and Bananas.

DECCO, the global leader in postharvest solutions, envisions Nexy as a perfect fit for sustainable bio-solutions that address food waste and food loss and further complements DECCO’s portfolio of organic and zero residue products.

Nexy, a yeast originally isolated from Golden Delicious Apples naturally protects fruit from pathogenic fungi including Penicillium spp., Botrytis spp., Colletotrichum spp. and other decay organisms primarily by competition for nutrients and pre-colonization of plant wound sites. Both the US EPA and EU Commission have already granted regulatory approval including an exemption from tolerance confirming Nexy® as safe to human health and to the environment. OMRI and ECOCERT (under European Regulation EC 834/2007) have also classified Nexy as an approved organic product again confirming Nexy as a perfect fit into organic UPL and zero residue programs to match Consumer expectations for safe and naturally protected fruit and vegetables.

During the DECCO launch of Nexy in the 2020/21 season, many of the major US Pacific Northwest Apple and Pear packinghouses signed up for Nexy applications using a novel DECCO application system. Packinghouse managers of organic Apples have faced losses of 15 to 35% due to decay during storage and shipment to retail. With the introduction of Nexy, losses have dropped significantly increasing the pack-out of high value organic fruit.

“DECCO strongly believes the newly established partnership with Agrauxine is a critical link to an innovative developer and supplier of bio-solutions for crop protection especially considering the long tradition of Lesaffre in fermentation-based products” comments Francisco Rodríguez, DECCO President and CEO.

“Agrauxine is excited about this partnership that materializes a successful process of product development and positioning of our biocontrol post-harvest solution Nexy. Answering to consumers growing demand for fruits with lesser residues, Nexy is fitted to become the new postharvest solution standard. With its leadership on the targeted markets and its experienced teams, DECCO is a fantastic partner to make Nexy a worldwide leading technology” states Hugo BONY, Agrauxine CEO.

Agrauxine and DECCO anticipate early adoption in both conventional and organic markets driven by demand for natural solutions to prevent postharvest losses due to decay. DECCO expects to commercially launch Nexy throughout Europe (ex-France) and in Canada, Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and other LatAm countries over the next few years as registrations are granted.

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Agrauxine is a key technical and industrial player in biocontrol, biostimulation and bionutrition. Structured in 2014, Agrauxine is the business unit of Lesaffre dedicated to biosolutions for crops productions. Agrauxine develops, manufactures and commercializes solutions of biocontrol, biostimulation and bionutrition, based on microorganisms or their derivatives.

Today, the company has 66 employees above 3 continents (North America, South America and Europe), more than a quarter of whom are focused on research and technical development. Agrauxine expects to be commercially present in more than 40 countries by the end of 2021.

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