• Exporting high quality apples with Decco

    Exporting high quality apples with Decco

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away, this popular belief shows the cultural significance of apple consumption. This fruit is grown all over the world, thanks to development in logistics, new varieties and improvements in postharvest handling techniques consumers can enjoy a year round supply of apples. The top producers are the US and China, followed by Europe. Different weather conditions have damaged apple production this season, a latest spring frost in the northern hemisphere, a lack of water supply in South Africa and hail damage in Turkey. The 2017/18 season won’t be as good as it… Read more

  • Technological revolution in postharvest

    Technological revolution in postharvest

    In order to optimize the application of postharvest treatments, DECCO has developed Fullcover. This equipment uses an ultra-low volume applicator with the generation of electrostatic charges, greatly reducing the need of water and ensuring a homogeneous fruit coating. If you want to know more, please join Decco in Colombia on 26 june at Fruitnet Forum Colombia, first forum for fresh produce in Colombia. Read more

  • How to protect watermelons from heat and solar radiation

    How to protect watermelons from heat and solar radiation

    High temperatures and an excess of solar radiation can damage the quality, profitability and therefore the yield of the watermelon and melon season. In order to solve this problem, which affects producers in the field, Decco has developed its Deccoshield sunscreen. Deccoshield protects both fruit and the plant from excessive sun. Its formulation is based on a micronized calcium carbonate and is certified for use in organic farming by SOHISCERT. How does Deccoshield melon and watermelon work? Deccoshield is formulated to maximize the diffusion of light and thus absorb the minimum amount… Read more

  • New postharvest technology for avocados

    New postharvest technology for avocados

    DECCO has developed the edible coating Naturcover, which can be used in fruits such as avocados, pome and citrus fruits, melons, etc., and aims to reduce losses due to dehydration, while helping the fruit retain its firmness and serve as a carrier of fungicides. With Naturcover, the fruits maintain their natural appearance, giving them an outstanding antioxidant effect, and all without causing the product to look artificial. Read more

  • Technical clinics in Decco Wenatchee

    Technical clinics in Decco Wenatchee

    Very successful days of US apple customers and prospects interactions in northwest region. Two technical clinics gathered close to 100 attendees. Then we just concluded with open house of Wenatchee technical center (lab, aerosol warehouse…) launched in 2017. Read more

  • UPTC’s 2018 International PostHarvest Course

    UPTC’s 2018 International PostHarvest Course

    Once again, now in its twelfth consecutive year, UPTC’s postharvest course has just concluded. This international training event run by Dr. Francisco ArtĂ©s Hernández for professionals in the sector is sponsored by DECCO. The course offers a total vision of the postharvest industry, combining an academic view with trends, future developments and a real market perspective from companies in the sector. Furthermore the course has been enriched thanks to the participation of speakers from several countries from every step in the value chain. “The course lasted 45 hours and featured 37… Read more

  • Global avocado market

    Global avocado market

    Avocado probably has its origins in the Tehuacan Valley, in the state of Puebla, Mexico. It is a fruit broadly cultivated in Central and South America. Although Avocados have become famous in recent years, they are a central ingredient in the traditional “cuisine” of the vast majority of Central and South American countries. Avocados prefer subtropical and tropical climates, with little wind and non-saline water. Wind reduces the humidity of the soil and therefore dehydrates the flower and the plant, leading to a decrease in the amount of harvested fruit; high saline water affects the… Read more

  • Overview global mandarin market

    Overview global mandarin market

    Mandarins have their origin in southern Asia, probably in China or the Philippines, the first mandarins reached Europe in 1805, while their extensive production began in 1850 in Italy and Spain. Mandarins prefer tropical and subtropical weather, Mandarin trees are more drought resistant than the sweet orange trees; however the tree and the fruit have a low tolerance to cold. Mandarins have some disadvantages when it comes to exporting them to other countries:- Poor holding capacity on the tree - Tender peel, big issue concerning shipping - Mandarin trees tends to alternate bearing - As they… Read more

  • Decco WorldWide made a great impact at Fruit Logistica 2018

    Decco WorldWide made a great impact at Fruit Logistica 2018

    DECCO WORLDWIDE is delighted with its presence at Fruit Logistica Berlin fair this year. It showed three new products that provoked great interest among the attendees. FullCover is an innovative electrostatic application system that permits the application of very low volumes of fruit coatings. It ensures that fruit sensitive to water based coatings, such as kiwis, avocados, berries and plums, can be treated to extend the commercial life, reducing the cost of wastage and increasing the profitability of each harvest. Read more

  • What is Postharvest?

    What is Postharvest?

    Postharvest for fresh fruit, vegetables and root crops is a science created with the aim of: Reducing the level of weight loss after harvesting fruits and vegetables; Maintaining fruit and vegetable quality for the final consumer; Postharvest treatments deal with fruit protection and enhance fruit quality, the development of postharvest treatments has permitted the creation of the current global fruit and vegetable trade Read more