Dock levellers for loading bays, robust, durable and intuitive to useDock levellers for loading bays, robust, durable and intuitive to use

Dock levellers for loading bays, robust, durable and intuitive to use

Ángel Mir is a pioneer in the use of powder paint for loading bays and has been perfecting its finishes for more than 20 years, achieving an excellent and long-lasting result

The ÁNGEL MIR - Portes Bisbal SL dock levellers have been developed to compensate for the space between the dock and the lorry, allowing access to forklift trucks and electric pallet trucks.

They are quick and easy to install, and as they are manufactured in different standard sizes, they adapt to any installation, always guaranteeing total safety. The front part of the claw is bent and bevelled to allow a better fit on the floor of the vehicle. The entire top plate has an anti-slip lacquered surface to facilitate the mobility of any vehicle.

The dock levellers for loading docks are characterised by a very intuitive operation that is easy to learn, and for being very robust; the structure is designed to support point loads greater than the nominal loads and admits up to 10 centimetres of transverse unevenness of the vehicle.

They are carefully designed according to the different requirements of each project, which is why they can be manufactured with different types of finishes: powder-coated steel, galvanised steel, stainless steel or the mixed version of stainless steel and galvanised steel.

Specifically, the loading bays of the Hidra Model (a very complete folding ramp that can be used in the vast majority of loading bays) and the Telesco Model (a ramp with a telescopic lip that is very appropriate in refrigerated warehouses where it is necessary to maintain thermal insulation or places where a perfect seal is required when the loading bay is not in use) use a very characteristic powder paint finish that offers a series of advantages unequalled in the market:
- Electrostatically sprayed polyester powder finish for superior penetration at all points, including less accessible areas.
- High temperature oven polymerisation for maximum adhesion to treated surfaces.
- Increased resistance to wear and tear caused by regular work.
- High resistance to discolouration.
- Fully customisable colour (standard blue RAL 5010).