ECOscrub, elimination of ethylene, CO2 and air borne pathogens

ECOscrub, elimination of ethylene, CO2 and air borne pathogens

The ECOscrub, the latest generation of air treatment machines developed by ABSOGER, eliminates ethylene maturity hormone and carbon dioxide released by fruit contained in long term storage cold rooms.

ECOscrub cleans the air in two steps and combines two modules:

- An elimination system of carbonaceous chains such as ethylene and CO2: the elimination es done by an adsorption process thanks to a regenerative molecular sieve.

- A degradation system for the different pathogens in the air: the degradation happens thanks to photo-catalyst (membrane treated with titanium oxide and activated by a ultra-violet lamp)

ECOscrub has been specially developed to allow for better storage of apples in Controlled Atmosphere and exceed the latest market requirements.

This system has been made to work under EXTREME ULO with nitrogen generation.

The ECOscrub range includes models with a capacity of treatment of 250 to 750 tons.

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