Centrifugal cutting machine improving quality and product safety used to process beetroot

Centrifugal cutting machine improving quality and product safety used to process beetroot

FAM Centris 400 is the solution

Baltussen Konservenfabriek may the oldest cannery in the Netherlands, but it is still going strong. Not only when it comes to innovative products, but also on a technical level. They have recently starting using a new cutting method for beetroot.

Baltussen supplies a wide range of processed fruits and vegetables. The original cannery factory was founded in 1868, making it the oldest factory of this kind in the Netherlands. Since the demand for apple syrup, jam and other fruit preserves is decreasing, they are gradually switching to vegetable preservation.

All their products are marketed in glass jars of various sizes. A large part of their assortment is organic products. A number of products, such as beetroot and red cabbage, are processed directly after being harvested.

They recently started using a new cutting machine for the processing of beetroot. “We were looking for a new machine, or actually new cutting methods, which would improve the quality, as well as product safety, of our product”, says Willem van de Ree of Baltussen. “In consultation with FAM, specialists in cutting machines, a method was found that enables us to achieve both these goals.”

No chance of breaking
The FAM Centris 400 was chosen. This centrifugal cutting machine was specifically developed for the processing industry. The Centris line has a patented cutting head, which means the machine can process at the same capacity, but at a lower speed. This is beneficial for production quality. There is also less wastage and less damage to the product.

Baltussen processes beetroot into thin strips. “The cutting method, itself, is not new, but it is a new way of processing beetroot. Before, three knives were used for this. Two on the sides and one for slicing off the top. Now, just one strong knife is used, which means a zero chance of breaking.” Willem is very pleased with the new machine. This machine has an additional advantage in that the cutting head can be exchanged.

Different cutting forms, including the crinkle cut, can also be used. “Our old machine could not use these cutting methods. It is also nice that it is a stand-alone machine. Beetroot is processed mainly at the beginning and end of the year. The production programme does, however, fluctuate throughout the year, which demands a high degree of flexibility.”

Baltussen’s collaboration with FAM can be deemed a success. “We are not just talking about the machines but also when it came to sharing ideas. FAM went to work, using our requests as a basis, and came up with a suitable solution. Various tests were first done, a team from FAM was on-hand during the installation of the machine, and explanations were plentiful. Even now, we can always rely on FAM’s service. This gives us the fullest confidence that we made the right choice.”

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