FAM Yuran, versatil and economicFAM Yuran, versatil and economic

FAM Yuran, versatil and economic

The FAM Yuran® is a very hygienic belt dicer that can handle a wide variety of products with a minimum of fines. Setting, cleaning and maintenance of the machine are easy.

The cutting machine is especially suited for processing various meat products, from fresh chilled to frozen tempered (until -10°C) and from cooked to hot (up to +60°C).

Accuracy & quality
Optional variable frequency drive for more flexibility in cutting sizes and a higher capacity

Flexibility & user-friendliness
- Unique and ergonomic quick exchange system for the conveyor belt
- Quick changeover of the circular and crosscut knife spindles thanks to the use of splined shafts
- By combining circular knives with star shaped feed fingers, meat and poultry can be given a traditional hand pulled look.
- The hinged cover gives access to all machine parts
- The conveyor support plate can be removed without tools
- FAM Yuran processes products in all kinds of conditions, fresh chilled, frozen tempered (-10°C), cooked, hot (+60°C)

Applications in the fruit industry
Apricot (dehydrated), Date, Fig (dehydrated), Grapefruit - Peel, Lemon - Peel, Lime - peel, Nectarine, Orange - peel, Peach, Plum

Applications in the vegetable industry
Aubergine (dehydrated), Flat bean, Jalapeño pepper, Pepper (dehydrated), Pepper - Capia, Pepper - bell type, Spinach,
Tomato (dehydrated). 

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