Math Makes for a Better Mango: Chemometric Analysis Measures Fruit Sugars, Dry Matter in Latest Research to Be

Math Makes for a Better Mango: Chemometric Analysis Measures Fruit Sugars, Dry Matter in Latest Research to Be

Presented at 2014 International Diffuse Reflectance Conference

Ryan Lerud’s late nights teaching himself multivariate statistics have yielded a new targeted, cost-effective method for measuring fruit ripeness. An Engineering Intern at Felix Instruments, Lerud has been awarded a grant to present his research at the 2014 International Diffuse Reflectance Conference. This year the IDRC is focusing on “Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy in Emerging Markets,” where Lerud’s work on the F-750 Portable Produce Quality Meter represents a breakthrough in applying chemometrics to NIR analysis for analyzing sugars, dry matter, and moisture content to identify when fruits are at ideal ripeness. The technology has already been successfully applied to mangos, cherries, grapefruits and apples.

“The intent of the instrument is to bring the power of chemometrics to the field worker,” said Lerud, whose goal is to develop a NIR/Vis Portable Fruit Quality Meter that costs less than $1000. “With the F-750, producers can harvest at ideal ripeness. It starts in the field and adds up to offering a better product on supermarket shelves,” notes Michael Larman, General Manager of Felix Instruments. The F-750 is capable of measuring multiple produce traits including total soluble solids, dry matter, acids, and moisture content to determine fruit quality in terms of taste, texture, and color. The instrument also measures alcohol and fat content in organic matter, allowing potential applications in product management for brewers, vintners, and meat and dairy producers.

Supporting Quotes
Michael Larman, General Manager of Felix Instruments:

“The potential for targeted spectroscopy for improving harvest and post-harvest management is enormous. We are delighted that Lerud’s research has been recognized by the IDRC as contributing to ongoing progress in the field of spectroscopy.”

Leonard Felix, President CID Bio-Science:
“Ripeness and flavor – the most important metrics for fruit quality – can now be pinpointed while the fruit is still on the tree.”

Additional F-750 product information is available at the following link:
F-750 Portable Produce Quality Meter Felix Instruments

IDRC Awards Announcement

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