New corporate image of Fomesa Fruitech -  Postharvest Partner

New corporate image of Fomesa Fruitech - Postharvest Partner

Infopost 83, by Julian Herraiz , General Sales Manager, Fomesa Fruitech

The management team of FOMESA Fruitech has decided to improve its communication policy, in order to convey to its customers and to the industry in general more clearly all ideas, solutions and the work that is generated from the company.

Julian Herráiz, General Sales Manager of the company, explains in the Infopost 83, published on  February 2014, that the new corporate image of the company was launched in October 2013, during the trade show of the industry, FRUIT ATTRACTION 2013.

In this newsletter, Mr. Herráiz explains how the image reflects the philosophy of the company and its basic ideas. The logo, based on the previous image of " Mundo de Frutas” , maintains the general  concept and highlights the company 's presence on five continents, underlining the idea that exports are one of the main development avenues of the company since its very beginnings. Citrus fruits have a leading role, but other markets as pome fruit, potatoes, stone fruit, persimmon and others are not pushed to the sidelines.

Besides the logo, the slogan "POSTHARVEST PARTNER" was created. Infopost 83 explains how the images of the GREENLINE brand and of the FRUITFROG system were updated. Solutions for crops other than citrus were also developed.

Infopost 83 can be downloaded below, Spanish language.