Automatic control of degreening chambersAutomatic control of degreening chambers

Automatic control of degreening chambers

Infopost nº166, October 2021

FRUITCONTROL from FOMESA FRUITECH is a powerful equipment for the centralised control of the variables involved in the degreening of citrus fruits: temperature, humidity, gas concentrations and ventilation.

The equipment allows us to control from a single point and in a totally reliable way the operation of the cooling and heating systems, the humidifiers, the air renewal equipment in the chambers and the ethylene supply. All this thanks to the installation in the chambers of a series of probes and analysis equipment whose data are collected by the central controller of the FRUITCONTROL system which, considering the desired values and programmed by the operator, activates the equipment in the chambers to maintain these values at optimum levels.

BRICAM is a computer programme for the visualisation and recording of the variables involved in degreening: temperature, relative humidity, CO2, ethylene, general operation of the equipment, as well as for the programming and adjustment of the desired levels of each of these variables.

The visualisation of the current state of the chambers is done on a schematic drawing of the chambers, offering all the relevant information (temperature, humidity, CO2, ethylene, etc.) on a single screen, in a clear and intuitive way.

The records of the different variables and the operation of the equipment in a chamber are presented superimposed, so that it is easy to see the influence of one on the other: opening of doors, operation of extractors, nozzles, etc.

Other functions provided by the software: management and sending of temperature alarms, CO2 excess, etc.

This software is completely developed by our company, which allows a personalised presentation and the possibility of adapting it to any particular requirement of the client.