At our customers service. With this idea the company was born more than 65 years ago and with that same idea they continue working every day, in more than 30 countries. To offer you the best postharvest solutions that help reduce food waste, with maximum consumer safety and respect for the environment, granting your products to arrive with the highest quality to any market.

FOMESA FRUITECH S.L.U, is a world leading company in the postharvest treatment of fruits and vegetables. It is dedicated to the manufacture of waxes, biocides, green lines, smoke generator, fungicides, detergents, disinfectants, coadjuvants, phytoregulators, etc...

In advising on diseases and pathologies caused by pathogens, on the application of authorized products for postharvest treatments of different varieties of fruit, in terms of degreening rooms and on systems and treatments for the cold storage of fruits and vegetables, etc.

And in manufacturing and installing application and dosing equipment, degreening rooms, control atmosphere and control and data management.

We are your postharvest specialist. "Your postharvest partner".

Products / services

FOMESA FRUITECH manufactures postharvest chemicals for fruits and vegetables. Waxes, fungicides, disinfectants, detergents and the range of smoke cans “Fruitfog”, with fungicide and disinfectant formulations for application in cold rooms and transport. Automatic control equipment for cold rooms.