Fruit ripening courseFruit ripening courseFruit ripening course

Fruit ripening course

A better ripening will pay off in the short term, because the consumer can appreciate the shelf life and taste

VDH Products develops its products with guaranteed superior performance in mind. ‘Superior performance’ is interpreted by VDH as doing exactly what the user wants/needs the equipment to do, combined with durability and ease of use. This is exactly what our equipment provides and this has made VDH world leader in the development, production and sale of ripening systems for tropical fruit for more than 40 years.

Fruit ripening course
We believe that collaboration and knowledge sharing leads to better performance and goals.
So as an extra service to our customers, we offer an internal course for the use of the VDH ripening system.
In collaboration with company Popma Fruit Expertise a training is offered in the ripening of bananas, mangoes and avocados. To be successful in this market it is necessary to know the whole process. Popma Fruit Expertise has the knowledge to advise on this.

The ripening of bananas and tropical fruit cannot be learned in theory. This happens in practice with the result that errors are copied by the successors. The experience is that users of various ripening systems often do not know the many possibilities of the ripening software like Proba. This can be at the expense of the quality of the ripened fruit, but also of the good reputation of VDH Products BV

In order to deliver a good reliable product, a ripening room must meet certain requirements. A ripening room which is not build according specifications can negatively affect the performance of the Proba system. Also a training can be organized in which the newly built ripening rooms are handled in the right way. This means that protocols and procedures must be written for the ripening process. This in close cooperation with the customer to ensure that the newly built ripening rooms/plant functions as well as possible.

- Short-term objective. Writing “standard operations procedures” for the ripening of bananas and other tropical products
- Medium-term objective. Training staff and writing ripening programs on the basis of the information provided by the customer
- Organizing training courses for colleagues who are involved in the entire process. This is to increase knowledge of the entire project and to guarantee the quality
- Jointly set up protocols to improve quality (green) through targeted communication to the suppliers of the exotic species. The purpose of this is to achieve optimum ripeness of the fruit with the right shelf life
- The joint establishment of specifications of the ripened product whereby the customer and / or end user is assured that he/she receives the best ripened products.

- The aim of this project is to give the ripeners the confidence in the ripening of bananas, mangos / avocados with the Proba ripening system
- Standard Operation Procedures for ripening
- The presentation of temporary protocols or SOP (Standard Operation Procedures) for ripening bananas, mango and avocados and guiding the ripeners
- Writing the ripening program
- The delivery of ripening control charts.

The courses are offered individually per customer at the VDH factory in Roden, The Netherlands.

Do you want to optimally use the Proba ripening system and want to acquire the specialist knowledge to enhance the quality of fruit?

Contact the VDH sales department by email or phone +31(0)50 302 89 00.

You can also contact mister Frits Popma by email or phone +31(0)6 511 88 669.