Gas and temperature monitoring equipmentGas and temperature monitoring equipmentGas and temperature monitoring equipment

Gas and temperature monitoring equipment

BION offers equipment to monitor the gases that most affect postharvest such as ethylene and carbon dioxide and to record the main factor to control postharvest quality, temperature.

ETHAN METER is a portable, battery-operated instrument for measuring ethylene in fruit and vegetable storage, ripening and curing chambers. The instrument uses an electrochemical detector sensitive to ethylene. Measurements are displayed on a digital display.

ETHAN METHER has an internal pump that provides a continuous flow to the detector. Using an external tube, it is possible to reach up to 5 meters to make measurements in hard to reach places.

CO2 Analyser is a lightweight instrument designed to be used when accurate CO2 measurements are needed.

The infrared sensor guarantees accuracy and trouble-free operation without the need to worry about the measurement being influenced by other gases.

Calibration is very stable reducing the need for pre-adjustment. It also has a miniature pump that is controlled by a separate switch.

The pump and analyzer are powered by rechargeable batteries. A mains charger with power plugs is supplied as an option for multi-national use for continuous recharging.

The CO2 ANALYSER is available with a 0-5% CO2 range for work area and storage testing and a 0-20% version more suitable for Controlled Atmosphere storage.

BIOLOG USB is BION's most complete and reliable low-cost technological solution for temperature monitoring during transport, whether by land, sea or air, and during storage. BIOLOG USB monitors temperature for a period of 90 days.

BIOLOG USB enables temperature monitoring throughout the fresh produce supply chain, making it easy to decide to accept or reject deliveries instantly.

No specific software is required for immediate data download. By simply connecting the USB to a PC, all collected data can be downloaded and downloaded as a PDF file.

The data and graphs collected during the active period are protected in a PDF file. The single-use USB has a battery life of 24 months.

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