The ideal warehouse for potatoes, onions, ... and other produce - Creating it togetherThe ideal warehouse for potatoes, onions, ... and other produce - Creating it together

The ideal warehouse for potatoes, onions, ... and other produce - Creating it together

GAUGELE, the storage specialist, invites to create the ideal warehouse together. "Even we are unable to improve the quality of the potatoes, onions or carrots stored – but we can retain it as long as possible!" 

Potatoes, vegetables and fruit breathe; during storage they continuously emit heat, water and carbon dioxide into the surrounding air. The temperature, humidity levels and composition of this air are changing. Using storage technology with automatic control which is customised to meet the requirements of the respective product, we ensure that storage losses caused by breathing, water removal, disease and a change in the composition is kept to the absolute minimum. 

We would be pleased to advise you on selecting a suitable storage concept for you. We can take your requirements into consideration and we are familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of the various options:

- Which products to be stored?

- How long are they to be stored for?

- What type of storage: pile storage with slatted floors or metal ducts? Storage in boxes with forced ventilation or room ventilation? Or daytime coolers?

- What size of boxes?

- Ventilation with air from outside or cooling? or ventilation with cooling?

- Dividing up the warehouse / storage cell

- Build management / Build assistance


GAUGELE provides the best solution for:
Frost-free ventilation flap, Drives, Ventilation ducts, High performance fans, Mixed air unit

Direct evaporation cooling, Indirect brien cooling, Gaugele combination cooler, CA / ULO warehouse, Heat recovery, Modern coolants

Storage systems
Compact cooler (1st picture), Forced ventilation and room ventilation for storage in boxes, Suction and pressure ventilation for storage in boxes (2nd picture), Vegetables cooling, Under floor ventilation with individual ducts

Control & regulate
Module controller, Moisture analyser for potatoes, Moisture analyser for onions, Mobile analyser, CO2-Sensor, Temperature sensor, Mechanical frost protection thermostat, Product temperature sensor

Warehouse accessories
Storage boxes, ventilation ducts

Whether a centrifugal atomiser or an industrial cold fog system – we will find the right solution for you. The humidification system can easily be connected to the Gaugele control computer.