GirĂł opens new brand in Italy

GirĂł opens new brand in Italy

In order to offer a more efficient service to the sector and its clients, the GIRÓ international packaging group inaugurated its first Italian branch, which will deal with the entire national territory as well as Sicily.

"The strategic objective is to make the brand more available on the territory, especially in consideration of the fact that Italy is very important for the production of citrus fruit, potatoes, onions and chestnuts. Entering the Italian market is not just an essential step for the international growth of the company, but it is also a thrilling challenge, as we will be direct interlocutors of a market that produces a wide range of excellent produce," explains Franco Locati, sales manager of Girò Italia.

The brand was first created in 1925 and now stands for a leading company in the production of woven nets. It specialises in packaging for fresh produce and the headquarters are located near Barcelona.

"Up until 2016, our market share was 2.5%, i.e. 8/10 million metres of nets. Our objective for 2018 is to reach 25 million metres, then reaching 35 million metres in 2019."

Girò is a pioneer in the sector: after having invented the famous Girsac, it continues to study new packaging solutions and systems. These include packaging machines and materials (nets and printed films)."

"Our products are sold in five continents and used by the main distribution chains, through which we commercialise 2.5 billion packets a year. Our core business is definitely the production and distribution of woven nets, but we also deal with printed films and machinery specific for our products."

The Italian branch is divided into the departments (trading, technical support, customer assistance) and there is also a warehouse. Other branches can be found in Spain, Germany, US, Mexico and China.

New products include Window Compact, a new appealing, breathable compact packaging for horizontal displays. It can be made with GirBagger machines, which are equipped with the specific tool.

"It's ideal for small graded fruit like lemons, clementines, avocados and apples or for onions with a maximum weight of 1 kg. It was designed for horizontal displays and is visually appealing thanks to the wide section destined to communication but which also guarantees good visibility and breathability."

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