• GIRÓ signs the manifesto of the

    GIRÓ signs the manifesto of the "Family Business Network" association

    The Giró Group is a company that is highly committed to the environment. That is why in recent years, not only has it developed a packaging line completely focused on sustainability with the 100% recyclable and 100% compostable ranges, but it has also carried out a series of actions with respect to the company, such as the signing of a Green Energy Supply contract, an integral initiative for the reduction of waste and emissions, the achievement of recycling our surplus material and subsequent reintroduction of part of it into our production process or the implementation of a business culture… Read more

  • Easy Open, easy opening packaging solutions

    Easy Open, easy opening packaging solutions

    The new Open&Close and Push&Tear of the Easy Open solutions created by GIRÓ offer an easy opening of the package. These new and innovative solutions can be produced with a GirBagger and GirBagger Speed Line. Open&Close First, we find the first Easy Open system that Giró developed called Open&Close. As the name implies, this system allows the bag to be opened and closed multiple times thanks to an adhesive label applied on the predie cut window. Once part of the content has been removed, the label can be closed again keeping the content inside the bag. In addition, this container can… Read more

  • Ecogiró: The new alternative for the sustainable world

    Ecogiró: The new alternative for the sustainable world

    As market leader in the development of net packaging solutions, Giró is focused in the research of environmental friendly materials and packing technologies to be applied to the fresh produce packing industry. Ecological efficiency of different types of packages that are usually found in commerce. The graph (2nd image) shows the grams of packaging needed to contain 1 kilogram of producto. It is appreciated how the horticultural net packages are extremely light compared to the resto f the packages and, therefore, their environmental impact is much lower. Innovation in packaging Read more

  • Speed Line product line

    Speed Line product line

    In the past few decades, Giró has reinforced its position as the market leader supplier on net sustainable packaging solutions for the horticultural products; providing end-to-end packing lines from the fruit inspection till the automatic box filling. Giró offers packaging options with a great versatility for a wide range of fruits and vegetables; as clems, lemons, limes, oranges, avocados, potatoes, onions, etc. In order to fulfil the packer requirements, Giró is to afford a comprehensive packing line including: inspection table, feeding accumulator, counter or weigher, baggers and/or… Read more

  • Benefits of net packaging during the current health crisis

    Benefits of net packaging during the current health crisis

    From Giró we have increased our efforts to meet the needs of our customers after a general increase in demand caused by the current health crisis. This increase in demand in our packaging systems has been emphasized by the preferences of consumers at the moment of buying packaged fruit and vegetables. We would like to highlight some main reasons: Food safety: With the purchase of packaged fruit or vegetables, there is no piece selection or food handling at the point of sale, which reduces considerably the risk of contamination. Less contact with external elements: The packaged fruit… Read more

  • Giró launches the Dual Handle

    Giró launches the Dual Handle

    GIRÓ is constantly committed to the investigation of new materials and new packaging technologies in order to offer environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions within the fresh produce packaging industry. Therefore, Giró presents its new Dual Handle pack in 2020, a 100% recyclable bag, light as a 2 cent coin that can be produced with any GirBagger or GirBagger Speed Line. Both the net and the film are made of 100% PE (polyethylene), and thus it is a mono-product package easy to recycle. The pack has two thin printed handles (they have a width of only 30 mm along the central… Read more

  • Novelties in fruit and vegetable net packaging at Fruit Logistica

    Novelties in fruit and vegetable net packaging at Fruit Logistica

    During the days 5, 6 and 7 of February, Giró will present in Hall 10.2. Stand B-04 its main novelties in fruit and vegetable net packaging at the Fruitlogistica trade show, one of the largest exhibitions focused on the fruit and vegetables industry. Among the innovations, Giró will present the Easy Open solutions with the Open&Close and Push&Tear packagings, the Dual Handle confection as the lightest thermalwelded solution and the EcoGiró range, composed of 100% recyclable and 100% compostable solutions. As for the automatic packaging solutions, Giró expands its possibilities with… Read more

  • The new

    The new "open-close" system for the GIRO Ultrabag

    A new Easy Open system designed by the specialist in sustainable packaging system GIRO allows opening and closing the container in a comfortable and easy way, without the need for cutting elements. Main facts of the new open-close system - Allows you to easily open the package by pulling a flap - Once used, it can be closed using the adhesive below the flap Read more

  • HANDLE BAG, an attractive and easy to carry bag

    HANDLE BAG, an attractive and easy to carry bag

    The Handle Bag is a very attractive bag that provides a good communication surface and excellent visibility of the contained product. The upper side film is used as a handle for easy transport and grip, welded by its ends with a greater width (145 mm) that allows the closure of the bag on both sides. The lower side film is welded longitudinally along the entire length of the bag. In order to make the Handle Bag, it is necessary to use a GirBagger UB50, UB60 or UB65 equipped with a Window Compact kit and also a Handle Bag kit. Therefore, the machine that makes the Handle Bag can also… Read more

  • How should GIRO net bags we classified?

    How should GIRO net bags we classified?

    GIRO packages are not only the most sustainable on the market, but once used, each one has its place. Our STANDARD and ECOGIRÓ LIGHT (1st picture) containers are 100% recyclable and once used, they must be deposited in the LIGHT PACKAGING container. On the other hand, our COMPOSTABLE (2nd picture) containers must be thrown into the ORGANIC container. The containers to deposit the packages will depend on whether the country in which it is located has a selective collection system. The new EASY OPEN bag (3rd picture) is not only 100% recyclable and can be thrown in the plastic… Read more