• New range of baggers GirBagger Speed Line

    New range of baggers GirBagger Speed Line

    The new GirBagger-S is an improved version that has been developed after 15 years of experience and 3.000 units proven track record sales worldwide, and sets a benchmark in the horticultural sector. GirĂł presents a bagger that overcomes the GirBagger reputation range as a key element in the packaging lines. Keep it faster The new GirBagger Speed Line range achieves outputs up to 36 bags per minute, in 1kg Ultrabag packs. The increase in speed compared to the previous generation of GirBagger packaging machines reaches up to 30%. The use of consumables (net, film and labels) in… Read more

  • GirĂł novelties in Fruitlogistica 2019

    GirĂł novelties in Fruitlogistica 2019

    Once more GirĂł has participated as an exhibitor at Fruitlogistica, the most important trade show in the fruit and vegetables world. In a spacious stand of 144 m2, this year GirĂł has presented in Fruitlogistica the different novelties and packaging solutions. These are some of the main novelties that are presented in this edition. GirBagger Speed Line: the best bagger in the world The range of GirBagger bagging equipment is being renewed and improved by releasing the new Speed Line generation. The most internationally renowned net bagging machine makes a qualitative leap for which it… Read more

  • Novelties in packaging solutions at Fruit Logistica

    Novelties in packaging solutions at Fruit Logistica

    During the next days 6th, 7th and 8th of February, GIRĂ“ will present in Berlin its main novelties in packaging solutions. The Fruit Logistica exhibition is an annual event aimed at offering the World’s experts in horticultural sector the latest innovations. In turn, attendees can hold meetings with our experts and get informed on the perspectives and trends of the upcoming year. In this edition, GirĂł comes with more news than ever, and promises not to leave visitors indifferent. Among them, are: - Ultrabag Fashioned, una forma creativa, novedosa y Ăşnica de envasar los productos… Read more

  • Research focused on sustainable packaging

    Research focused on sustainable packaging

    Franco Locati, sales manager of Girò Italia (in the picture): "Our qualified R&D team is focusing a lot on research, in order to improve the consumables in terms of environmental sustainability". "With regard to innovation, our goal is to develop new packaging systems involving sustainable technology and materials to produce resistant and 100% recyclable mesh bags. At the moment, our products involve materials whose minimum weight is between 3 and 12 grams, and that can contain up to 5 kg of fruit ". Girò is a multinational group based in Spain that works in 50 countries on 5… Read more

  • Borton Fruit trusts GirĂł mesh bagging program

    Borton Fruit trusts GirĂł mesh bagging program

    Eric Borton, Director of Business Development at Borton Fruit, stated: "Giro has been a great partner for our company. Borton Fruit was one of the first to adopt a mesh bagging program in the U.S. apple industry and our partnership with Giro has created an immense amount of success within the bagged fruit segment of our business, helping to maximize efficiencies in production, gain an edge in fruit presentation and ultimately increase our returns. Their equipment, technology and products are all top of the line and we can always count on the team at Giro to execute and follow through to meet… Read more

  • Fowler Packing chooses Giro new weigher

    Fowler Packing chooses Giro new weigher

    Philip Parnagian, President at Fowler Packing, commented: "We took GIRĂ“ with their new weigher that could do 50% more with the same footprint.I calculated a $0.07 - $0.08 savings per 5lb unit compared to some of the other competitors.Giro was far superior and for us doing so many million bags per year that adds up to a lot of grams". To know more about this success story, take a look to the following video. About GirĂł. GirĂł provides the complete solution to the whole process of packing fruit and vegetables, manufacturing and selling consumables -nets, films, labels, clipping wire-, and… Read more

  • End-to-end GIRO's bagging line

    End-to-end GIRO's bagging line

    No matters whatever the challenge is but GIRĂ“ is able to deliver the best solution to the customer when it comes to packaging systems. This actual case study shows how to cope with a high demanding project for handling a wide range of commodities such as avocados, oranges, lemons, grape fruit and limes through a single line. This full-line solution showcases GIRÓ’s complete offering outside grading and palletizing. Amongst other requests, the customer was expecting a high degree of versatility and productivity rates in order to accommodate his business demands. The line had to enable… Read more

  • Exact 100, the best citrus weigher in the world

    Exact 100, the best citrus weigher in the world

    GIRĂ“ launched the new citrus weigher Exact 100 in late 2016. A machine with an innovative design appointed to be the best citrus weigher manufactured ever. Giró´s engineering team invested more than 5 years of research and development to achieve an outstanding product which will become a breakthrough in the fruit processing business. Exact 100 is a high productivity and extremely accurate dynamic weigher. A new and smart mechanical driving system together with a sophisticated algorithm are responsible to achieve the better bucket feeding according to the fruit caliber and target weight. A… Read more

  • GirĂł net packages, the most sustainable on the supermarket

    GirĂł net packages, the most sustainable on the supermarket

    To evaluate the effciency of a packaging in terms of its sustainability and respect for the environment, different criteria must be taken into account: The materials. First, the packaging must be made with materials that have a minimum environmental impact when disposed of. In this sense there are two clear options: use recyclable materials or use biodegradable / compostable materials. GIRĂ“ is constantly researching in this feld and, for the moment, the best solution is the use of polyolefn derived plastics, raw materials that are 100% recyclable and offer an excellent performance, weight… Read more

  • GirBagger: 10 packaging styles with one machine

    GirBagger: 10 packaging styles with one machine

    With more than 2,600 units sold worldwide GirBagger machine is probably the most recognized in the horticultural packaging business. A range of machines that has evolved over the 10 years since its introduction into the market and is now an undisputed leader. GirBagger is a versatile machine in many ways: It is versatile because thanks to different versions, allows adequate treatment for many types of products such as potatoes, onions, oranges, tangerines, kiwis, avocados, lemons, apples or peaches. Another machine versatility is the ability to incorporate and interconnect many elements or… Read more