Environmental sanitizers

Environmental sanitizers

Food industry, laboratories, shopping centers, healthcare, waiting rooms, ...

An ionizer is a device that uses high voltage electricity to ionize air molecules.

Air ionization in a confined environment can provide a significant reduction of bacteria and fungi, neutralization of odors and of specific volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and also aid the separation and filtration of molecules of “fine particulate matter” (PM) in the air.

Main areas of use of air ionization are:

a) in the food industry

– cold storage of fruits and vegetables (reduction of senescence and rotting)

– abatement of ethylene (maintenance of chlorophyll in vegetables and preservation of organoleptic properties)

– sanitizing in processing and packaging premises for fruit and vegetables, meat and sausage products

– sanitizing from harmful molds and mites during the aging process of sausages, bacon and cheese

b) in industry

– air treatment, odors and sanitizing in waste disposal plants

– treatment of VOCs, odors and microbial load in large shopping centers

– treatment of VOCs, odors and microbial load in healthcare settings, laboratories (cleanrooms) gyms, waiting rooms, etc.


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