Kalfresh, large carrot grower and packer values collaborative approachKalfresh, large carrot grower and packer values collaborative approach

Kalfresh, large carrot grower and packer values collaborative approach

State-of-the-art packing facility

Kalfresh Vegetables began as a small, family-owned business in Queensland, Australia. Today, it’s a multi-million dollar produce business that has a winning philosophy: “Innovate to keep growing.”

It was with this in mind that Kalfresh has continued to expand and update its pack-house facilities. With a strong position in the farming section, Kalfresh expanded its operations with washing, grading and packing lines for their produce. Wyma has been on the journey with them since 2006, as designers of their new lines and suppliers of their main equipment.

The expansion continued in 2014, with upgrades to the latest optical grading, storage and washing and polishing technology. Again, Wyma was their equipment supplier, with Mega-Polishers that provide a reliable and gentle polishing that easily meets the presentation expectations of consumers.

Kalfresh’s innovative thinking and expansion has been detailed in a new case study that provides details of their upgrade history and partnership with Wyma. The state-of-the-art packing facility is now a world-class operation, and Managing Director Richard Gorman weighs in on the reasons behind their expansion, the choice of Wyma as a design and supply partner, and how the Wyma Mega-Polishers have impacted on the business’s packing operations.

“We wanted to keep on using our self-designed brush washers but asked Wyma to design a line that would accommodate for future upgrades in the washing and polishing area,” he explained. “We already had eyes on the Wyma Mega-Polisher.”

About the WYMA Mega-Polisher
It’s the largest vegetable polishing system in the world, improving the fresh appearance of vegetables to increase their shelf life. Wyma’s experience with rotary brush drum technology and brush specification means vegetables are washed and polished to the highest retailing standards.

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