Keep fresh produce under control with BION solutions

Keep fresh produce under control with BION solutions

BION at Fruit Attraction 2022 showed its latest products and data monitoring solutions for the whole supply chain

Sachets and postharvest filters to remove ethylene, and VOCs and prevent fungal development

Aware of the importance of extending the shelf life of fresh produce and the benefits of having real-time data to make the best decisions, BION offers a full range of solutions, including sachets and filters that remove ethylene, VOCs, etc., together with the most advanced technology on the market in data monitoring.

Specifically, the sachets and filters used during the storage and transport of fruit and vegetables have the highest capacity on the market in removing ethylene and VOCs. They also have an antifungal capacity that allows them to extend the fresh produce shelf life, by interacting with the atmosphere. In uncertain times like the ones we are experiencing today in logistics, it is necessary to work with products of the highest quality to ensure possible delays. BION is certified by ISO 9001:2015 and its products are Ecocert certified which makes them compatible with organic farming.

BION WORLD, the data visualization platform for the exclusive use of clients

But not only is it necessary to have a good product but also, thanks to technological advances, BION has developed "BION WORLD": a data visualization platform for the exclusive use of its clients. Real-time cargo data can be checked at key moments in the supply chain (transport and storage) when you cannot be present.

In BION WORLD you can monitor the information reported by RTL+ (Real Time Logger Plus). This device located on the load that is in movement allows the record of the temperature, humidity, and relative location of the load for a period of up to 60 days.


The new version of ETH equipment

BION presents a renewed version of the ETH equipment for filtration of ethylene and the other volatile compounds for the storage chambers. The new range can be found in three finishes: Basic, Eco, and Sense. The ETH Sense range is the first range of IoT equipment on the market with which to monitor 24/7, in real-time and from any device, the conditions of temperature, humidity, and volatile organic compounds and CO2, from the built-in LCD screen or through the BION WORLD platform.

A revolution that will allow you to make the best decisions at all times

Bioconservación, with more than 25 years of experience in the fruit and vegetable sector, is continually innovating. Thinking about offering its distributors, producers, importers, and exporters a quality service and above all projecting how new technologies can be an ally in lengthening the life of the harvest.