Krajči’s purchase of Centris 315P cutting machines led to increased demandKrajči’s purchase of Centris 315P cutting machines led to increased demand

Krajči’s purchase of Centris 315P cutting machines led to increased demand

Two purchases in less than a year

“We firmly believe that our success is largely due to our winning combination of unique modern technology and unwavering loyalty to the traditional recipe. By consistently maintaining the same quality with our proven technological procedures, our product never fails to excel and differentiate itself from competing products”, says Tomáš Krajči, founder and CEO of Krajči.

Part of this unique technology are FAM’s Centris 315P cutting machines, which have been introduced on the factory floor in 2018. “We met FAM representatives on a Berlin trade fair in 2017, and were interested in their promise to keep the cutting quality consistent throughout the cutting lifecycle, even with a considerable higher production rate”, recalls Tomáš Krajči, “so we were eager to see the machines at work. So after this demonstration in 2018, we immediately ordered a Centris 315P machine. And less than a year later, another one.”

The machines delivered exactly as promised: the 100% stainless steel cutting head delivers a solid cut quality without any adjustments required. In addition, significant improvements were made regarding starch loss and scrap reduction, and the knives’ lifetime far exceeds the average in the market. And, last but not least, the user-friendly design and technology allow operators and maintenance teams to spend less time on the cutting machines than ever before.

Krajči currently has two lines in production, which combined process around 1.000 kg of raw potatoes per hour. These are cut with such consistency of high quality, even at this considerable speed, that the company has managed to increase its market share and brand reputation. “We have increased our sales so much that we will need to buy an extra Centris 315P to keep up with demand”, Krajči remarks, “The best possible reason to come shopping at FAM again, so soon after our previous purchase.”