Maintenance of evaporative air coolers

Maintenance of evaporative air coolers

When starting up evaporative air conditioning systems, it is essential that preventive maintenance is carried out to ensure maximum performance and prevent breakdowns

A correct set-up of the evaporative air conditioner is essential to obtain an efficient air conditioning system with maximum energy performance as well as preventing possible breakdowns that may disable its operation

MET MANN explains the main points to take into account when performing preventive maintenance.

1) Before proceeding with any intervention, the appropriate security measures must be taken, and disconnect the equipment from the electrical network.

2) Check that the cooling elements (cellulose panels) are free of lime and absorb water correctly, if not, it is necessary to replace them.

3) Clean the water tray of any sludge that may have accumulated inside.

4) Areas, where some corrosion can be seen, must be cleaned, and then apply some type of primer or peelable lacquer to maintain their correct condition.

5) Check that the rotation of the fan turbine is smooth, in the event that any friction is detected, check that there is no object that hinders its rotation.

6) Check the condition of the bearings and transmission belts.

7) Check the operation of the water pump, fan motor, solenoid valve and other electrical components.

8) Check the water distribution circuit and clean the holes of the upper distributor to ensure that the water supplied to the panels flows correctly.

9) Check that the water inlet float works correctly and that there is no leak when it reaches its maximum level.

10) Check that the automatic emptying system works correctly and that there is no leak due to an accumulation of dirt.